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High Ping in Firestorm (Australia)

by reedyrop

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Re: High Ping in Firestorm (Australia)

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Same, this is a good change but it looks like none of the player-base is coming back.
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Re: High Ping in Firestorm (Australia)

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It is becoming obvious the EA has little to no concern for OC player base.  Like others have said once the player base is lost it takes a lot to get them back.  I really enjoy Firestorm but trying to play with a 200-400 ping and missing hit markers etc is taking the fun out of it.  Oh and waiting for hours and hours to actually find a game to join


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Re: High Ping in Firestorm (Australia)

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Sadly EA know about this type off issue yet continue to sell a service that can not be met with your failed game matching mechanisms. SWBF1 and SWBF2 all had the same problematic game matching system.

You can not expect people to pay for a game and then wait to play for over 30 minutes. I have tried to join a game 10 times in a row and each time am told "Game Matching failed".

There is a simple fix. Have a lobby where people can see that others are waiting. Initiating a game only when you have a certain number of players waiting in a small interval is a failure.

Once people experience the failed matching mechanism a few times they are unlikely to come back, and they are also unlikely to purchase another title with the same flawed system.

You are forcing gamers away from EA.



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Re: High Ping in Firestorm (Australia)

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whats the update on this ?

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Re: High Ping in Firestorm (Australia)

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totally agree man!


ive been trying to get a game of Firestorm for weeks now! I think these guys that get bumped to overseas servers are lucky and I'm actually jealous! I have always just got matching failed. The disappointing thing is I love the mode. Love yer idea and wish they would just take the time to read all this and put some of these ideas into action cause its unplayable for me atm... only cause I cant even  a game!!

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Re: High Ping in Firestorm (Australia)

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I would be happy to just join an empty server and wait for it to fill, being put in other regions makes the latency too high and literally unplayable. I desperately waited for firestorm and expected it at launch last year. When I have a good server it’s the best BR out but sadly it’s very rare and I have moved onto other games please fix this ASAP. Nobody cares about updates and new content/fixes if the servers are working consistently with low latency.

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Re: High Ping in Firestorm (Australia)

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See this part > Matchmaking in Battlefield V: Firestorm requires a certain amount of players to be connecting at the same time to initiate a server.... 
Why can't you provide a dedicated Oceania Server or two for Australia/NZ so we can actually play this game we paid for ?
Lower the player count down to 32 or 16 if that is possible. We don't need 64 players every game to play.


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Re: High Ping in Firestorm (Australia)

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I totally agree that EA and DICE are dropping the ball on the firestorm mode for oceania region.


We cannot complete assignments or tide of war achievements when you can't play a game.


Wake up and do something to help the player base.


People are getting frustrated and will no longer play this mode.


The community manager should at least keep this thread updated with the current plans.


Or is it typical he has no power to change anything and EA does not care.

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Re: High Ping in Firestorm (Australia)

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OMG it looks like they have fixed it! We can join servers easy as tonight. Now we just need people to join to populate them!  only 8 people in this server!

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