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High Ping in Firestorm (Australia)

by reedyrop

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High Ping in Firestorm (Australia)

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Yesterday when I played Firestorm the ping was fine, not too high.


Today every Firestorm game that I join has a high ping, hovering at about 200 or more.


What is going on? Are servers down? Have Oceanic servers been removed?


Would be good to know.



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Re: High Ping in Firestorm (Australia)

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Contact the EA Customer Experience and speak to them in chat the more Australian and New Zealand people who do will raise the complaints with them will hopefully get a answer and fix.

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Re: High Ping in Firestorm (Australia)

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Having this exact problem, first day it came out it was fine i played all day with no dramas, now its 250 + ping every time. its like the game has died in oceanic pretty much straight away. 

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Re: High Ping in Firestorm (Australia)

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Same here, ping's like 300+ but mine's over in Singapore.
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Re: High Ping in Firestorm (Australia)

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Yeah exact same problem with me only started today who knows what's going on

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Re: High Ping in Firestorm (Australia)

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Any updates with this? I cannot get ping below 250. There must not be any Aus servers? 

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Re: High Ping in Firestorm (Australia)

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100% annoying I just want to play a decent game of Firestorm. Please please fix the server/lag issues it has so much potential but can’t seem to get a decent game in. And bro I’m feeling you 

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Re: High Ping in Firestorm (Australia)

Community Manager

Hey everyone, 


We have an update about server for Firestorm in Australia. 


Hello Battlefield V: Firestorm players!

As you know, we released Battlefield V: Firestorm on Monday, March 25th, 2019. Since then we’ve been listening to feedback from our players around the globe.
One of the key points we’ve focused on is the matchmaking in specific regions – particularly Brazil, Australia/Oceania, and South Africa.

Matchmaking in Battlefield V: Firestorm requires a certain amount of players to be connecting at the same time to initiate a server. Unfortunately, in some regions with lower player populations, this increases matchmaking time or forces players to connect to pingsites that are more populated.

We are continuing to look at options to improve this situation without having players connect to empty servers, and we’re always listening to your feedback. We’ll keep you posted on any updates or changes as we identify and roll out more solutions.

Thanks and we’ll see you on the battlefield!

The Teams at EA/DICE






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Re: High Ping in Firestorm (Australia)

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Couldn't an option be added where all us Aussies opt to wait that bit longer for a local region server? Because all the squad groups I've been getting take the extra time rejoining/remaking to get a local/lower ping anyway...

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Re: High Ping in Firestorm (Australia)

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Will you though? See us on the battlefield? You’ll lose most of the Oceania server before you fix it.  Firestorm has been out for a week and aus players haven’t been able to play. I paid $100 worth of hard earned cash for a BF game that was going to have BR. I loved BF games. If you’re going to sell a game in a country you should at least be able to support it. This may be coming off harsh but it’s heart breaking loading into a game with 200 ping multiple days in a row. 

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