Bfv mastery assignments not unlocking

by corporal_gorou

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Bfv mastery assignments not unlocking

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hi, if this is the wrong place then I'm sorry, but I got a problem with battlefield v


Basically I got to lv 20 on assault today and should have received the mastery assignment to unlock the silver dagger, however it hasn't appeared in the place where I pick out assignments. same thing happened a couple of months ago with the mastery assignment for support. I have tried restarting my pc as well as shutting it down, also funnily enough im on a different pc then when i got my mastery assignment for support. but nothing has worked so far


One thing to note with the assault assignment is that I stayed for the whole match and left when it was finished, so I didn't leave early


another problem is that I think I haven't gotten the lv 10 assignments for medic, assault and support, got the cosmetics I would have but the different camouflage versions are still locked and needs an assignment to unlock them which I have yet to see. however this could be a totally unrelated issue

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Re: Bfv mastery assignments not unlocking

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Hi @corporal_gorou ,


you could try some steps suggested in the Battlefield V FAQ by @ElliotLH :

- Try power cycling your equipment (full shutdown of console/PC, unplugged for ~2 minutes, restart your router).
- Some items appear in your Armory, please check it out.
- Play another full match and/or earn another player rank. Remember that you will need to wait for the next round to begin before leaving the match.
- Completing a round of Combined Arms has been known to work, give it a try.


If that does not work you can conatct EA Help. They can usually assist with account issues and missing items.

They could unlock them for you.


EA Help Contact:

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