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Battlefield v banned without cheating

by KingOfDeath_M

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Battlefield v banned without cheating

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Hello its been more then a month know and my case wasn't solved i provided all the details to prove that i wasn't cheating Battlefield V Multiplayer i got banned in 22 Jan 2021
after entering a battle for exactly 1 minute i didn't hurt anyone i didn't cheat in the Multiplayer Game or online battles or bf5 servers in anyway and you guys are just ignoring it all of my cases i need help i need any response for thus cases why are just completely ignoring it this my case id #75284181 and  you can make sure about this from

you will get all the information about every single battle i played in the game in this website and you can look at it by yourself and this should prove that i wasn't cheating


This is my origin ID : KingOfDeath_M

and this a link for every games reports for all the battles i played



And i even provided a screenshot for everything in the email and the case

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Re: Battlefield v banned without cheating



Sorry, but nothing can be done about your ban on the forums. Only EA ToS can deal with account bans.



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