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Where is my emblem I made?

by EpicBro01

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Re: Where is my emblem I made?

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still not working in 2017 i wanna use my emblem

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Re: Where is my emblem I made?

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This needs to be fixed I have played this for ever and still the damn emblum wouldn't work plz fix 


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Re: Where is my emblem I made?

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This post is originally from 2015 and the last comment prior to yours was in 2017. I will be locking this post down though to avoid further necroposting. If you still need help with this specific topic please create a new post on our boards.


  • Don't "necropost." Reviving, updating or bumping old, outdated and irrelevant threads is not helpful for our community. It's best to check when the thread was created before you hit post, just to make sure it's not 2 years old for example.

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