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Re: BFH Wont Open Right

by EA_Atic

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BFH Wont Open Right

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When I try to run BFH on Battlelog through PC it opens up the Game but I can't play or see it, it is visible in my task manager. I tried finding a fix online didn't find much but one did say to go to "D:\MyName\Documents\BFH\settings" and Delete "PROFSAVE_TTVKiller_T", I was able to open the game but it closed shortly after and wont open anymore. I made a Video to show it, the Choose a File Option isn't working for it so I used Youtube to show it.

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Re: BFH Wont Open Right

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Hey, @TTVKiller_T  make sure that all drivers for windows and your gpu drivers are up to date. 
You can also try to do a clean boot to see if there any programs messing with Battlefield Hardline and turn off any overlay programs for example Discord or Nvidia experience.
Let me know if this works or not for you. Standard smile


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