The next Battlefield

by KnightFury68

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The next Battlefield

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I'm pretty happy with the current Battlefield. I hope you keep Bots and Portal type gameplay in the future releases.


I suggest that instead of experience codes use a unique code per player (or even the Players gamertag) that represents his Portal experiences prefix. When Player X creates an experience or more anyone looking for His experience could enter his unique code (or gamertag) and browse his Experiences and Host them on their own server. Example Player X unique code is AAXYZ gives access to the experiences that he allows to be public or shared. An experience in his Portal would be AAXYZ plus an number 1,2,3,4 ..... to specify which experience is chosen in the portal. This way sharing experiences could be easier and picking a favorite experience creator might be easier to follow. 


I'm amazed at the work you have done with AI in the current release and I hope that this continues with future releases.

Thank you!

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