Some suggestion for the next BF in development

by SilvaMGM

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Some suggestion for the next BF in development

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I love Battlefield franchise. But the current state of BF is worrying. i just want next BF game to be good. Hence i want to give some suggestions for the next BF in development. Please do consider the following.


- [ ] It should be a Modern setting game
- [ ] Higher skill ceiling of the game should be ensured by soldier movements and gun and vehicles physics. It should be given the foremost priority
- [ ] Maps should be like BF3’s pathway. More city maps are better.
- [ ] Soldier movements should be made heavy and hard, yet accessible. For example, If there’s ground sliding mechanic, then for each slide the soldier getting back to normal stance should take 1.5 second. If there’s dolphin dive, then the soldier back to his normal stance should take 1.5 seconds. If I open parachute near the ground, than I should have higher fall damage like in BF4. Multiple parachutes openings should not be allowed. Dragging fallen soldiers and squad revives should be added. Defibrillators should be charged fully in order to give full health like in BF4.
- [ ] Full face customization like eyes, nose, mouth, hair, their colors, gender etc. For uniform- Customization for torso, legs, and wrist watch. Soldier character helmets must not be customizable. It must be changed in game according to what class roles players select (i,e) Assault class to have full covered helmet, snipers to have hoodie, engineers to have hats, medic and support to have semi covered helmets.
- [ ] Two factions should be there. Instead of Russia vs US, put group of countries on one side vs group of countries on other side. Example- United alliance frontier Vs Global security forum. These two factions should have different soldier faces customizable by the players. These factions uniforms should be independent of each other. No two same uniforms are given to both factions. The helmets of both factions should be slightly different for their classes.
- [ ] There should be 5 classes- 1) Assault 2) Support 3) medic 4) Engineer 5) Recon. Each squad should have 5 players. Assault should have access to only Assault rifles. No other class guns are accessible to them. Medic should have access to DMRs only. Support should have access to LMGs and shotguns only. Engineer should have access to SMGs only.
- [ ] Each class is allotted specific class gadgets or abilities exclusively. Assault soldiers should have higher speed higher strafe speed. Their exclusive gadgets should be like grappling hook or wing suit. Medic exclusive gadgets should be defibrillator, syringe, medic crate. Engineers exclusive gadgets should Land mine, rocket launchers, eod bots. Recon’s exclusive gadgets should be spotting devices, drones and claymores. Support should have exclusive gadgets like ammo crates, clay-mores.
- [ ] The amount of ammo or carrying capacity of each soldiers should be limited. Ammo and medic stations should be added to compensate this.
- [ ] Building barricades etc should be added.
- [ ] Take-downs animations should be like BF1. ‘Leaning’ should be there like BF1.
- [ ] Fallen Soldier animations should be like BF1, instead of calling for help in 2042 or BFV. That animation should be made simple like in BF4 or 1. Because in long run, it gives irritation.
- [ ] No specialist or plus system. Specialists reduces the Authenticity of game and the Plus system reduces the experimentation time of each weapons causing lesser satisfaction in long run.
- [ ] Manual repairing of the vehicles like in BF1 rather than automatic repair.
- [ ] Health regeneration should be slower like in BF3. TTK should be like BF4.
- [ ] Graphics of the game and its color pallet should be like BFV.
- [ ] If Battle royale mode is there, it should be made free to play. Micro transactions and cosmetics selling should be exclusive to that mode alone. Normal Multiplayer should not have micro-transactions or cosmetics (skins) selling in it. Confine it to BR only.
- [ ] Field upgrades like BF4 should be there.
- [ ] Kill cam should be there instead of death cam.
- [ ] Few lesser kill streaks should be there like COD.
- [ ] Animals like Dogs and horse regiments should be there.
- [ ] Weapons customization should be like COD’s MW blacksmith system. Weapon Animations should be like Ready or not’s animation quality. Gun physics and handling should be like BF4. Each guns with each attachments should feel different like BF4. Because, In long run, it’s feels very satisfying.
- [ ] All the vehicles and it’s controls should be same like BF4. High skill ceiling should be ensured.
- [ ] UI should be like BF1 or BF4.
- [ ] Server browser should be there.
- [ ] Sniping should be like BF1’s pathway.
- [ ] Audio design should be like BF4 or 1
- [ ] In game announcer should be like BF1. A female voice is better, imo.
- [ ] Conquest, Rush, Breakthrough, Control should have 64 players maps only. 128 will cause performance issues, poor map design quality, and restrict game engine capabilities. So 64 is highly enough to give a great game. Destruction should be like BF1 or 4. All the parts of building should not be destroyed. That is, the destruction should not interfere the the capturing objectives ability by both teams. Levolution and battle pickups from BF4 should be there. Levolution should not be game breaking. Behemoths and kits from BF1 should be there. Tickets count should be 1000 for conquest matches and the ticket drop rate should be like BF4 rather than BF2042’s faster flow.-

[ ] Easy Anti cheat should be there.




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