Next Battlefield

by blackdragonz13

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Next Battlefield

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To be honest, there are alot of people calling for a evolution of the series but I think re-releasing old proven titles in the series might be the way. For instance, re-releasing the PC version of BF3 on console/pc with updated graphics and all the dlc. I believe this would be a great way to onboard new players as well as cater to returning veterans.

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Re: Next Battlefield

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A good thing for the next Battlefield would be if they reintroduced some features the old titles had, like a propper serverbrowser and a single player campaign.

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Re: Next Battlefield

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Allegedly, their first statement about the next  BF game is that it will "reimagine:


Considering how  they have spent the last 3 BF titles reinventing the wheel with an ever  decreasing success, I am horrified about the future of the series.


Why just for once cant they just restore the famous old fresco instead of painting over it ?

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Re: Next Battlefield

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A re-release of any Battlefield will not get my money.  I want a brand new improved experience over what I have gotten from their series in the past. 

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Re: Next Battlefield


Bad Company 3 🤘🏻

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I’m not EA’s Champion….. (Dramatic Pause) …..I’m Yours!!!
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Re: Next Battlefield

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Should be a continuation of BF3/4 with new maps and mechanics with BC2 destruction and BF1 atmosphere.

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Re: Next Battlefield

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EA and the dev team, should make a real survey of what the players want to see in the next installment. Like server browser, favorites,maps, etc. There are a lot of things the games got right, and a lot they got wrong. They admitted they didnot know why BFBC2 was so popular, maybe ask the players their thoughts?


Modern setting is best, IMHO. WW2 has been done enough. Not too sure about another Vietnam era. Maybe a true 1980's ish Cold War scenario? 


Perhaps Vince Zamprella can put his genius to good use and make this next installment a great game. Like they used to make. 



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