Re: New headphones I really like - Sennheiser 560s

by OskooI_007

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Re: New headphones I really like - Sennheiser 560s

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I decided to try in-ear monitors (iem) and bought a $20 pair of 7Hz Salnotes Zero.


Honestly, I can hear more footsteps with these cheap iems compared to any headphone. I think it has to due with the speaker being so close to my ear drum.


The 7Hz Salnotes Zero doesn't have much bass 🐟 but they sound pretty good. Not nearly as good as headphones but I can hear footsteps better with the Salnotes Zero.


I might try more expensive iems and see if the bass 🐟 gets better but I find it interesting I can game with $20 iems and hear more footsteps than any headphone I've tried.


If I had to describe the feeling of wearing iems I would say they're like wearing ear plugs. The iems do hurt my ears after a while so I'm going to invest in some more comfortable ear tips.


Windows Settings: 48kHz / 32-bit / Stereo
Battlefield 1 Settings: Stereo / Large Speakers

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