Mechanics to change

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Mechanics to change

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I will mark here the things that should be changed in the Battlefield title as all of them located on the same base, I hope that changing these problems will depend on the number of people willing to change these changes, and if many people show interest, these changes will really come into effect. The first thing I would like to point out is the limitation of the map yet to be lifted is the limitation of the sides of the map although a Mountain or an invisible barrier in the ocean would be a better solution, these barriers located between the points that as a defender we will cross over the drawn defense zone and we can die between enemies with the passage of time are just superhumanly pointless. You can't perform an organized parachute attack because you die outside the zone. Even in the field of walking enemies. Enemies with mortars hiding on their Respawn points are impenetrable from the available backcourt. The second problem I would like to raise is the marking of enemies, this is a totally unrealistic problem to solve I understand that the mechanics were supposed to be fun but the enemies that scan through the fog or grenade that produce it are just no different from cheaters as ordinary soldiers should not be in sight no instruments allowing us to see the marking on the enemy. The third aspect I would like to touch on is the unit limit on the map I understand that on some maps units such as planes or other generally available units are disabled but on those maps where the limit of two is available it's just ridiculous I'm talking about planes or cavalry like limiting vehicles heavy is still fine then two Cavaliers rotating every three minutes is just illogical. Did they run out of horses in the stables? the cavalry limit should be three to five and the rotation should be much faster the number of planes should also be increased. The fourth problem is crashing planes - the plane crashing into the ground explodes 2 meters in front of it, most of the time it doesn't deal any damage to opponents in the area of ​​the explosion, the problem with the planes' realism is quite big sometimes after destroying the entire health bar of the plane, it falls to the ground in one piece when it comes to aircraft logistics It would be best to ask IT specialists from War Thunder How to improve the playability and roll in, for example, a flight with one wing, and not immediately disqualify the aircraft. Finally, it's amazing that some rentals with a custom server cost more than the game itself.

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