Future Battlefield request Map editor

by KnightFury68

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Future Battlefield request Map editor

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In future releases of Battlefield please consider expanding Portal to include:


A map editor with destructible map elements including AI nav mesh generation.

Allowing community map creation with AI support would be such an amazing addition to Battlefield and the replay ability of that release would be exponential.

Having the ability to take a map template and set Building and structure templates that can be saved. Buildings that have AI nav mesh built in that fit with other elements like Legos. 

Think Legos that can be placed together to keep unity but have different textures connecting the nav mesh pathways in diverse innovative ways.

Base templates (editable for content) to create factions with vehicles and spawn built in for players and AI who will use the vehicles as proven in the current release BF2042.

Objective templates like flag control (conquest) that can be placed at different locations including inside Building templates complete with the nav mesh Etc.


Underwater swimming and surfacing animations allowing pistol aiming and Rifle aiming (hate to say it, but like Modern Warfare water animations).


Ability to change Daytime with slider in map editor to allow for time of day and speed of time. Night maps with night vision and thermal would be incredible. This is like the Zues editor in games such as Squad and Arma 3 which allow for this adjustment and weather settings. 

Basically Battlefield 2042 with the above additions to the game Portal would be my ultimate go to game.


Battlefield 2042 is amazing with AI and the best yet. Keep up the awesome franchise.

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Re: Future Battlefield request Map editor

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@KnightFury68 Pistol aiming while swimming is in the game. I don't know when it was added but it is here now, and I like it. Thank you Dice.
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Re: Future Battlefield request Map editor

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  1. Increased Variety: Allowing the community to create maps means that players can enjoy a wide range of user-generated content, which can keep the game fresh and exciting for a long time.

  2. Extended Lifespan: Community-generated content can extend the lifespan of a game, ensuring that it remains relevant and enjoyable for years after its initial release.

  3. Creativity and Innovation: Players often come up with innovative and creative ideas for maps, gameplay modes, and scenarios that the game developers might not have considered. This can lead to unique and exciting gameplay experiences. mysubwaycard

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