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justify your BC2 tampering!!!


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justify your BC2 tampering!!!

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I seem to have a tampered copy of BC2 where I downloaded the same copy as everyone else but what the enemy can do, I EPIC FAIL.


so how do you justify what you are doing to me and this tampering also happened back in the day when this game was released so that's 10 years of *, thanks EA, it's in the tEA bag.


video proof is coming as well!!!

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Re: justify your BC2 tampering!!!

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Hi there,


Can you please be a bit more specific on what exactly are happening so I can help you further?


Best regards,


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Re: justify your BC2 tampering!!!

Community Manager
I'm closing this thread to stop it being necroed.
If you have any issues with BF:BC2 please make a new topic about the issues you are having and what kind of steps you have tried to solve it.


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* If someone has helped and solved your issue please accept it as a solution. Standard smile


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