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A connection error occurred

by saintgeorge1

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A connection error occurred

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i got the problem "A connection error occurred. If this happen during account creation press cancel and then login with your new account.".

What to do??

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Re: A connection error occurred

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If you work it out let me know how - I'm getting the same error.


However I have a feeling its just the servers are down/broken at the moment.  They did maintenance on them yesterday and that sometimes throws a spanner in the works for a few days.

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Re: A connection error occurred

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"...for a few days"


Do they post anywhere about the updates, when they're going to happen, how long they're expected to take, etc?


And if this usually happens following an update... why don't they fix it? Just cos it's not the most uptodate release of the Battlefield series doesn't mean they get to shaft us on the service... *sigh*

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Re: A connection error occurred

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the same is happening here

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Re: A connection error occurred

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I meant game updates in general more than BC2 updates specifically - from WoW patches to Battlefield.  Messing with the servers often causes follow on issues.  It's all just a guess though so it could be anything.


As for posts about it yes - I tried to play yesterday and got a "Connection Error" (not this one, just "Connection Error" with no other text) and the top item on was something like "Server maintence 8 April - Affects multiple titles".  Right where it now says "EA Online Services Scheduled Maintenance on April 11th, Eastern Time".  It mentioned that most games (except BF3) would be offline for 10 or so hours yesterday.


There wasn't any in-game warning before hand though.  It didn't even says "Cannot connect - servers off-line for scheduled maintenance" or anything helpful when they were down, just "Connection Error".  For all I know they're still just offline because of that and haven't ever come back.

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Re: A connection error occurred

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Like fmkaysik said, it is probably a server maintenance. But I really think it's unprofessional for DICE or EA to not even take their time to post an update on their website or within the game to say "server maintenance are in the works".

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