Battlefield Briefing: Welcome to 2042

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Battlefield Briefing: Welcome to 2042

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Update - September 3: We wanted to give you a heads up on a change we've made to Falck based on findings from our Technical Playtest last month. A big finding was that Falck's S21 Syrette Pistol was causing a significant enough imbalance in gameplay to warrant making some changes. Previously we shared that Falck's Gadget would Revive, and Heal at Range., but going forward the gadget will simply Heal at Range, and not Revive.


Battlefield Briefing_ Welcome to 2042 Header




Get ready for the next generation of all-out warfare!


You’ve learned a lot about Battlefield 2042 over the past few days, through our Reveal Trailer, Gameplay Trailer (which is still just Pre-Alpha footage, by the way) and via our website. We’ll have plenty more to discuss in the months ahead, but first it’s time to recap everything we’ve talked about so far.


Battlefield Briefing_ Welcome to 2042 - Scale & Warfare


Battlefield is bigger than ever. Using the power of new generation consoles and latest PC hardware each match will feature up to 128 players on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation® 5 and PC. On Xbox One, and PlayStation® 4, maps and modes will be optimized for a 64-player experience.


Three Distinct Multiplayer Experiences


Within Battlefield 2042’s All-Out Warfare experience, fan-favorites Conquest and Breakthrough once again make their return. 

In Conquest, two teams fight to control various points on the map in order to reduce the enemy’s strength to nothing. Breakthrough pits a team of attackers against defenders, with attackers having to capture all sectors on the map to overcome the defenders and win.


Battlefield Briefing_ Welcome to 2042 - Conquest Sectors Example

Conquest is bigger than ever, with multiple Sectors (each Sector containing several control points) ensuring battles are constantly happening all over the map during a match

Using Battlefield 2042’s increased map scale, Conquest matches will now contain multiple smaller areas, called Sectors. Each of these Sectors consist of a grouping of control points, filling out each map with even more battles happening concurrently during a match. Expanded vehicle and traversal options have also been added into the mix to make navigating these large spaces fully streamlined.


Battlefield Briefing_ Welcome to 2042 Epic Scale


Also new is the introduction of AI Soldiers (Artificial Intelligence) to the series. As a multiplayer-only experience, it’s important for us to let you play Battlefield 2042 when and how you want. Here is what that looks like in the All-Out Warfare experience of Conquest and Breakthrough:

  • Multiplayer – AI soldiers are used for server-filling capabilities, ensuring your matches remain full, no matter your location.
  • Co-Op – Allows you to play together with friends, against AI soldiers.
  • Solo – If you wish to perfect your skills for multiplayer, you can even play alone against AI soldiers.

And lastly, a reminder on the two other distinct multiplayer experiences coming to Battlefield 2042. One is being built by our team in LA, which we’ll show you at EA Play Live on July 22nd. And finally, Battlefield 2042 will introduce Hazard Zone, a brand new Battlefield game mode we’re excited to talk more about later this year.



Battlefield Briefing_ Welcome to 2042 Specialists


Set in the near future, the world has changed. Both the United States and Russia are once again on the brink of war as nations struggle over resources. As entire countries collapse, people find themselves with no nation to call home. These nomads are known as the Non-Patriated (“No-Pats”), a diverse group of people who have bound together in various clusters across the globe in order to survive the new turbulent world.


In Battlefield 2042, you’ll play as Non-Patriated soldiers with unique skills who’ve taken up arms to secure dwindling world resources such as food, water and energy. They are known as Specialists, tasked with trafficking intel and supplies, and carrying out military missions that serve No-Pat geopolitical interests. Each of these unique Specialists have their own specialty and trait that you can use to give yourself the advantage in combat.


Specialists mark a change from the Loadouts of previous Battlefield games. Every Specialist now has a Specialty and Trait that ties into their class of either Assault, Engineer, Recon, or Support.


These Specialties and Traits are unique to their respective Specialist, which for your Loadout means you can now fully customize it to your liking:


  • Primary Weapon
  • Equipment (items anyone can use such as a Medical Crate or Supply Crate)
  • Secondary Weapon 
  • Throwable (such as Frag or Incendiary Grenade)

Class type will no longer restrict what weapons, equipment or throwable you can equip, offering you more flexibility than ever before in the series when it comes to Loadouts. You can also save these custom Loadouts, and select them for any Specialist you’d like to play with.


Similar to personalizing your Loadout, you will also be able to customize the appearance of your Specialist. You’ll have the freedom to choose how you’d like to stand out on the Battlefield. There will be plenty of customization options available to ensure your Specialist doesn’t look the same as other players, and you can expect more details on customization at a later time.


"With Specialists, we're excited to offer our players more flexibility than ever before when it comes to customizing their loadouts and adapting to situations on the battlefield," says Daniel Berlin, Design Director on Battlefield 2042.


Battlefield Briefing_ Welcome to 2042 - Specialists Extra

Battlefield 2042’s maps are filled with countless tactical positions for you to use to dominate the battlefield. Just be ready to move at a moment’s notice since storms, powerful weapons, and other dynamic events can tip the scales of war.


At launch, you’ll be able to play as 10 unique Specialists. We’ve selected four of them to give you a closer look:




Webster MacKay


Lone-wolf survivalist MacKay is all about traversal. His Grappling Hook allows him to maneuver around the map more freely, while his Specialist trait (Nimble) prevents a movement penalty when aiming down sights or ziplining.




Wikus ‘Casper’ van Daele 


Technologically savvy and a practitioner of subterfuge, Wikus’ abilities and specialty equipment make him a huge resource to any team. His OV-P Recon Drone can designate targets for lock-on weapons, spot nearby enemies, and detonate EMP blasts. Wikus’ trait (Movement Sensor) alerts him about approaching enemies, both when on the ground or piloting his recon drone. This makes him an absolute master of situational awareness.




Maria Falck


The true medic of the group, Maria’s S21 Syrette Pistol fires a syringe that can heal or revive friendlies at range and with increased speed, or damage foes. Her Combat Surgeon trait sets her apart from other Specialists by allowing her to revive fallen allies back to full health.




Pyotr “Boris” Guskovsky


A necessity for any squad, Pyotr’s engineering skills allow him to place a SG-36 Sentry Gun to defend locations, while his Sentry Operator trait makes his Sentry Gun even more efficient in combat when he’s standing near it. Additionally, any enemy the Sentry Gun locks onto will be spotted for Pyotr.


But that’s just a taste of Battlefield 2042’s roster of capable characters! We’ll have more Specialists to show you in the months to come.



Battlefield Briefing_ Welcome to 2042 Maps of 2042


Alongside the increase in players, the spaces of these sandboxes are also growing, allowing for more vehicles and battles to be spread out across the entire map. With unprecedented scale and choices in gameplay, each map is specifically designed to provide a unique experience that directly impacts strategy for you and your squad. Battlefields have multiple distinct combat areas housed in a single playspace and this extra space means more variety and more meaningful vehicle gameplay.



In Breakaway, you’ll be taking the fight to the ice with hovercrafts, helicopters, and more.


Here’s a quick look at Breakaway, which is set on Antarctica. Tread carefully on this dynamic map, where oil extraction has turned the freezing area to a strategic hot spot. Take advantage of destructible fuel tanks and silos that create debris fields and permanent fires when destroyed.



At launch, Battlefield 2042 will have seven maps for the All-Out Warfare experience. You can find out more about them by heading to our map overview.



Battlefield Briefing_ Welcome to 2042 - The Dynamic World


Battlefield has built its name on being a chaotic sandbox where you are encouraged to use the massive arsenal of weapons, vehicles and abilities at your disposal on a battleground rife with strategic opportunity and player freedom. Battlefield 2042 brings a host of new enhancements to the series.


Battlefield Briefing_ Welcome to 2042 - The World

In Breakaway, you’ll be taking the fight to the ice with hovercrafts, helicopters, and more.


Massive events, such as tornadoes capable of whipping Specialists across the map and exploding space rockets, will impact the map before you. Altering safe spaces and forcing you to adapt to the ever-changing battlefield with your gadgets and even use such powerful forces of destruction to put pressure on the enemy.


"The enhancement afforded by the new generation of console technology has allowed us to make the world of Battlefield bigger than ever before,” says Daniel Berlin, Design Director. “Dynamic events will constantly encourage players to adapt to situations and create those Battlefield moments we've come to know and love from the franchise."





Battlefield Briefing_ Welcome to 2042 - Weapons, Gadgets, and Vehicles


Weapons and Attachments


To succeed on the battlefield, every Specialist will need to utilize their entire arsenal, from powerful weapons to useful gadgets and a wide array of vehicles. Battlefield 2042 brings a new level of player agency to Battlefield, giving you access to the weapon modifications and tools you need at any given moment in a match. No matter where you’re at in-round, you can equip your weapons in real-time with modifications that the situation calls for via the Plus Menu.


Plus Menu


You will be able to wield assault rifles, SMGs, LMGs, DMRs, shotguns, sniper rifles, pistols and explosive ordnance. Weapons are no longer restricted by loadouts, with every Specialist capable of wielding any weapon. Depending on the weapon used, you have up to four categories for customization: 


  • Scopes/sights
  • Muzzles/barrels
  • Ammo types/magazines
  • Underbarrel attachments



While every Specialist has their own unique specialty, like Mackay and his trusty Grappling Hook, classic Battlefield items will be accessible to every Specialist including the C5 Explosive, Anti-Tank Mine, and Frag Grenade. 


But a Battlefield game wouldn't be complete without some new hardware. We’d like to introduce you to Ranger, an agile and mechanized companion that can be called in to faithfully follow you into combat.



Here’s a quick look at Ranger rushing across Kaleidoscope.




Vehicular gameplay remains an essential part of the Battlefield experience. And with Battlefield 2042, you will have access to vehicles such as jets, hovercrafts, tanks, troop carriers, armored cars, and the long-awaited return of helicopters. 


Also new to Battlefield 2042 is the vehicle call-in system, which allows you to airdrop vehicles to wherever you are on the map, instead of spawning into them. This system will allow you more freedom than ever before when it comes to navigating Battlefield’s massive spaces and terrain in search of a tactical advantage. We’re also going back to Battlefield’s roots where you once again can find vehicles on the battlefield, instead of solely activating them from the deploy screen.


Battlefield Briefing_ Welcome to 2042 - Arsenal

In Battlefield 2042, you’ll be able to call in any vehicle to where you are on the map, giving you more mobility power than ever.



Battlefield Briefing_ Welcome to 2042 - Live Service


We’re taking a new approach to live service with not only a commitment to new content, but a goal of enhancing the Battlefield experience through Seasons that will continue to build the world of Battlefield 2042. 


“In Battlefield 2042 we’ll continue our commitment to keep the community together during the live service,” says Ryan McArthur, Senior Producer on Battlefield 2042.  “In our first year, we plan to deliver four seasons, each evolving the sandbox, while delivering its own Battle Pass, Specialist, and more great content that you’ve come to expect from a Battlefield game.”


We’ll be evolving our world and expanding on the fiction through Seasons, each one lasting for about three months. Every Season will come with a new free and paid-for Battle Pass, delivering new content to chase after. This also means everyone can progress towards earning all content that impacts direct gameplay such as Specialists, through natural play.


In our first year of live service, we will deliver four Seasons, with four Battle Passes, four new Specialists, along with more fresh content.


In The Next Briefing…


And that’s all for today. Battlefield 2042 marks the start of a new journey for Battlefield and all-out warfare, and we’re excited to give you more updates and reveals in the coming weeks and months.


We’re also looking forward to seeing you at EA Play Live on July 22nd, where we’ll talk more about the experience being built by our team in LA.


Stay safe, No-Pats.






If you'd like to discuss your thoughts and comments with us, please join us here.


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Re: Discussion Thread - Battlefield Briefing: Welcome to 2042

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★ Pro

The AI Soldiers sound fantastic and very useful.  I like that we can configure them for multiplayer games, coop games and solo games.  That gives a lot flexibility.  


I could see using the AI soldiers to easily seed a server and then program it so the AI soldiers are retired when enough real players arrive.


And I could see playing against them solo as a fun and more laid back learning experience.


I could see playing coop against AI soldiers with friends for a strategic/tactical learning experience.  You could have the bots set in a certain scenario and each time you fail, you can refine your tactics until you finally overcome them.


I'm very excited about the potential of using AI Soldiers in the game.


Message 2 of 154 (43,118 Views)

Re: Discussion Thread - Battlefield Briefing: Welcome to 2042

★★★★★ Pro

The fact how they are trying to sell the specialists in this livestream shows, that they dont even understand, why people are playing this series. They learned nothing from the mess with BFV. Hype is gone.

Message 3 of 154 (43,107 Views)

Re: Discussion Thread - Battlefield Briefing: Welcome to 2042

[ Edited ]
★★★★★ Expert

Some interesting tidbits and clarification there. Bit concerned that ammo/health crates seen to be pitted against other gadgets in the equipment slot though, especially if those gadgets add to the fun factor.


Where will health and ammo come from? 

Message 4 of 154 (43,101 Views)

Re: Discussion Thread - Battlefield Briefing: Welcome to 2042

★ Pro
@Trokey66 Ammo and health are pretty important so someone will need to choose to carry them. It sounds like it will be up to the players. I suppose it could devolve into a fun at all costs mentality.
Message 5 of 154 (43,091 Views)

Re: Discussion Thread - Battlefield Briefing: Welcome to 2042

★ Pro

Another one of my takeaways from this is that this looks to be a very vehicle focused game. With the larger maps, it doesn't seem like infantry will be able to run from point to point as much.  They'll either need to drive or ride in a vehicle to get to where they want to go.

Message 6 of 154 (43,087 Views)

Re: Discussion Thread - Battlefield Briefing: Welcome to 2042

★★★★★ Pro

If players won't notice how important support and medics are, then you will just have to do it all by yourself. Sounds like this battlefield will screw teamplay.

Message 7 of 154 (43,031 Views)

Re: Discussion Thread - Battlefield Briefing: Welcome to 2042

★★★★★ Apprentice

@TickTack121 wrote:

If players won't notice how important support and medics are, then you will just have to do it all by yourself. Sounds like this battlefield will screw teamplay.

Cool, because I rather be the team. 

I miss the BF2 days playing with AI and having a friend join. PC crashed and burn since then, so got my ears sticking up with AI in the game. Especially the co-op and if a friend can join your solo game it would make the game a must have for me.

Message 8 of 154 (43,013 Views)

Re: Discussion Thread - Battlefield Briefing: Welcome to 2042

★ Guide

i am happy that i can see this time dev team actually listened community and implemented many of it's suggestions even few of mine


Battlefield is very dear to me and its a game that i play 97% and 3% all other games i am pre-ordering Ultimate this month

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Re: Discussion Thread - Battlefield Briefing: Welcome to 2042

★★★★★ Pro

@TickTack121 wrote:

If players won't notice how important support and medics are, then you will just have to do it all by yourself. Sounds like this battlefield will screw teamplay.

To be fair, that sounds like how Battlefield is already.




Everything sounding interesting so far. I look forward to seeing proper gameplay and hope that will come in July. I'd like to know if we can still build stuff like in BF5 and if call-ins are just vehicles or if supply crates will be available too.

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