Battlefield Briefing: Answering Your Reveal Questions

by Straatford87

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Re: Battlefield Briefing: Answering Your Reveal Questions

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Please enable EAC support for Steamdeck/Steam Proton.

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Re: Battlefield Briefing: Answering Your Reveal Questions

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 Just wondering if y’all have heard the community about helicopter controls feeling “like having training wheels” 


I was wondering if there will be a setting in the final launch for the OG helicopter pilots, to have the same feel as BF3/BF4

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Re: Battlefield Briefing - Answering Your Reveal Questions

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Following up on this in 2023…

@Crooklar wrote:


• ⁠Specialists - How do you choose them, will there be a server of 120 specialists? Yep. We hate it. 
• ⁠Factions - How do we notice the difference between them? You don’t. It’s terrible. 
• ⁠Destruction - How extensive other then levelution? - it’s almost nonexistent. 
• ⁠Anti-cheat - You got this covered, right? Lol sort of. So few people play it that cheat makers barely support it. 
• ⁠Heal and Ammo - havent seen this in any demos, hows it work? Hardly anybody carries ammo 
• ⁠Camo and Voice - Faction specific or character specific? Everybody looks the same and the voices were incredibly cringe-worthy. 
• ⁠Customization - Faction-based palette/camos/tweaks or same for all? We’re all clones. 
• ⁠Tornadoes - Are they more rare then a regular thing? Regular, and annoying. 
• ⁠Spotting - How does it work, who and what can spot enemies? It didnt until recently. It took over a year to get it. 
• ⁠Communications - Is there a ping/command system of sorts? Sort of. everybody ignored it
• ⁠Commander - Is commander a thing anymore? Nope
• ⁠Battlelog - Is this coming back? Nope
• ⁠Killcam - Is this a thing? Not really. Sort of. 
• ⁠Spawn-system - Do we spawn on all squad members or only squad leaders? - this is the only thing that was mostly correct but you still can’t see your squad mate’s view before spawning. 
• ⁠Hardcore - is this coming back? Nope
• ⁠HUD - How much can we tweak it? A little, and it took a year. 
• ⁠Community servers - Is it a thing? If so, how is it implemented? Not really. You can in portal but it took a year and hardly anyone plays it. 
• ⁠TTK - To which BF-game is it most similar? You die randomly from every direction. 
• ⁠Team Switch - Is this a thing? STILL NOT A THING
• ⁠Team Balance and/or SBMM - Is this a thing? STILL NOT A THING
• ⁠Assignments - Do they track everything or do we have to equip X - you have to equip and it tracks


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