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invalid license battlefield 4

by bummiac

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Re: Invalid licence error on BF4

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I have tried:

uninstalling and reinstalling VC++ 2010 and 2012 update 3. 
I have tried reinstalling DX11.
I have tried repairing my install in origin. 
I checked for game updates in origin.
I installed the latest battle log plugins.
I installed the latest nvidia drivers.

I directly downloaded msvcp110.dll and installed it in the directories where it belongs.

I installed the latest version of punk buster.

I still get a message that says I am missing msvcp110.dll 


So what's next? 

Also just as a test, I tried launching BF3 to see if that runs and it runs fine.


I didn't have the space to install this game on C:\ So I installed it on F:\  could it be a stupid Directory issue? It is really really sad if that is what it is.

Installing it on C drive didn't make a difference the same issue is still there. So it isn't a directory problem. I don't have a clue what else to try.

Well I guess I will just have to wait for a patch. Weather or not one is realesed is another story. EA already has my money so it doesn't matter if my game works or not. Tongue out

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Re: Invalid licence error on BF4

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Works for me too...


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Battlefield 4 invalid license

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Help!! I am new to Battlefield on the pc and I keep getting this message:


Invalid license. Reason code = Missing DLL:  dxgi.dll    Function: Create DXGIFactory1



Anyone help me please?




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[Help] Battlefield 4 Exclusive Beta: Invalid License

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This is my Error: 
Invalid License: Error Code = Missing DLL; `[MSVCP100.dll] Error. 0xC1
I already instaled the Microsoft dlls, And dowloaded and copy the dll in system 32. And the error persist.

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Invalid License Missing DLL

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Invalid License. Reason Code = Missing DLL: [MSVCP110.dll]  Error 0x7E

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Re: Invalid License Missing DLL

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Getting the same error....Good Game EA!

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Re: Invalid License Missing DLL

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Also having the same problem. Tried right clicking on title and running error repair in Origin. No dice. 

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BATTLEFIELD 4 invalid license code

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I will never buy a EA Game Again!  GARBAGE!!!  BATTLEFIELD 4 invalid license code after i just payed 70$ * DOLLARS!!!



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Re: Invalid License Missing DLL

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Iam as well just got done rebooting computer tested some games out not bf3 sadly but this error comes up  invalid license. reason code = missing DLL: [MSVCP110.dll] error: 0x7E makes me so sad buying new things for pc prepared it for this day and nothing NOT EVEN SINGLE PLAYER! :'(

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Re: invalid license battlefield 4

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Rightclick on bf4 in origin-> game settings -> all options..


worked for me


i activated x64 before, that causes the invalid license bug

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