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i dont speak korean

by abc1008512500

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i dont speak korean

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its awesone, here is 1.5M foreigners in korea and it took me only 15 minutes to change the language in Origin: Powered by EA,


it was quite cool, you could feel power of EA as nothing made sense as it was in foreign language. English., [Comment Removed, very inappropriate, do not use this phrase again. - Admin.]


So after swithing Origin to English it took no more than 30 minutes to switch battlefield web inteface to English. was really hard to to do, i really liked that difficulty got higher and higher... unfortunatelly my white guy Harward brain was unable to change the game itself to English... so for next 2 hours i stuck on trying changing the language... Im sure there are some Harward educated white people (im white, but, to be honest I actually didnt recieved harvard education) that could translate battlefield 4 from korean to english... its really sad that i wasted half of my night not on playing but on fighting computer on foreign language.... 


Of course my web browser ans system is set up to ENGLISH, but as long as im on korea apparently im asian native korean speaker and there is nothing i can do about it... where is the address that i can send DNA test to prove im not native? I am happy to pay for it, its not more than 300 USD, really nothing comparing to wasted night... thank you OH SO AWESOME EA!!!!!


i loved ascending difficulty, orion not so hard to change to English, web interface very hard, and game itself, imssible! it was best game/pozzle night ive had in my life, love you guys!!!


im sure in 'merica you dont choose for user Spanish/English and give them NO OPTION to change thew language, ever, or do you???



 wasted evening, thx, this is what all artist hard working on this game had in mind!!!


luv u


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