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can't connect to BF4 servers on Xbox One

by wilson4052

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Re: can't connect to BF4 servers on Xbox One

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Stupid game! This is the first time I have used an EA Game and it sucks bad!!!!! No kind of real support and no answers. I dont really like COD Ghosts but at least I can play online and not have to wait 30min to join a game only to be kicked out 2 minutes later!!!!! F EA!!!!
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Re: can't connect to BF4 servers on Xbox One

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Yep same here had these problems from the start sat here for 2 hours on and off trying to get in any game and no joy, i dont get a huge amount of time to Game and Xmas is one time i do. Howver i have spent most of my time trying to get in games rather than actually playing cant express how annoying this is. To make things worse this looks like a Xbox issue as i am lucky enough to have a PS4 aswell and i f i turn that on and click on Quick Match guess what it actually goes straight into a game first time.


EA/DICE please sort this out how you are allowing this to continue is beyond me in full knowledge that loyal brand fans have spent considerable amounts of money on investing in your Game to be left with NO support or any kind of on-going updtes about what the issues are and how your going to fix them shows a complete lack of respect for us a s gamers and more importantly Customers!

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Re: can't connect to BF4 servers on Xbox One

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I bought this game on psi then upgraded to PS4 and downloaded the digital copy for $10. It took 30 hours to download and then it wouldn't even work. So I thought it was simply an issue with the download. I went and purchased the disc for PS4 and premium and it didn't work. I then bought a Xbox one bf4 and premium hoping it would work. It still has so many issues it's not even playable when it does find a match. But i can never get the server browser to work and now the quick match option doesn't work either. I literally bought this game 4 times and still can't play it. I will never buy another EA game again. I was patient until now. It's already had 2 dlc's come out and I can't even play the regular content. This is the most **bleep**ed up game launch I have ever seen in my 26 years of gaming. Hats off I don't think it could have been worse if you tried.
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Re: can't connect to BF4 servers on Xbox One

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I'm having the same problem. The server browser shows no results or servers with only no players. These servers cannot be joined. The quick match doesn't work at all either. The single player mode won't save my progress so it is als unuseable. What are you going to do to make this right EA?
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Re: can't connect to BF4 servers on Xbox One

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I love how EA doesn't have the integrity to comment on this thread on it's own domain. Exceedingly frustrated and offended, EA.

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Re: can't connect to BF4 servers on Xbox One

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In writing while in a game queue 18 of 37. I started out at 37. Thankfully X1 has TV snapping ability. Hopefully I won't be kicked at the end of the queue. I have had Battlefield 2, 3, and now 4. I always bought premium and loved it on BF3. I may have to go downstairs and play BF3 for a few hours while I wait for the X1 game to load. It is completely insane we won't have any sort of relief from this tragedy. We cannot get refunds. We cannot really tell anyone who can cause action. I hate COD, but maybe to play something akin to BF4, I may have to buy COD. I wonder if the Better Business Bureau would be able to pull any strings for consumers in such a disgrace?
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Re: can't connect to BF4 servers on Xbox One

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Its the same here. Cannot connect, cannot see players on the Server Browser with any reliability, Once in I rubber band so much its alomst unplayable. Its was actually better before the patch.

The specific items I see are:


- Quick Match when it does work puts me int he wrong game type.

- Cannot connect to any server for Conquest. Haven't tried other game types.

- Server Browser number of players are incorrect.

- Been in queue for 45 minutes now to an empty server with 2 of 2 in queue.

- Rubber Banding happens regularly and is in about 5 second intervals. It feels like im being pulled back from where I was initially.

- Premium showed up today as unpurchased. I havent looked into this one yet as I cant even connect.

- Campaign mode fails to the desktop randomly through crashes

- Lost save game of campaign mode.



This is just what I can remember off of the top of my head.


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Re: can't connect to BF4 servers on Xbox One

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xbox one here.


i have been able to connect maybe 3 out of 7 days of the week since bought this game. this is pathetic. why can i not connect to a multi player game? this is something that should have been figured out last generation and they still are messing this up? i wish i could get a refund. i have played battlefield games since the original but this is it. not supporting this crap anymore. i consider it a 60 dollar lesson learned and will have to move onto titanfall or destiny or whatever else ACTUALLY LETS ME CONNECT TO A GAME.


i came here just to post this. which is pathetic, i should NOT have to do that. why is no one holding them accountable?

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Re: can't connect to BF4 servers on Xbox One

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for those on xb1 if u go to it has a service alert up stating that there is a problem with bf4 and they are working with partners to fix it partners i would think that is the EA / dice ppl. 




they even remeoved my lube post ......just thought it would be nice that all EA games or dice depending on who is at fault would kindly provide lube to the customers before they shaft us again my backend hurts after BF4

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Re: can't connect to BF4 servers on Xbox One

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Some how i solved this issue, I did many things, but i'm not sure what was the thing that actually fixed this issue, so i'll list down all I did.


- Reinstall punkbuster

- Repair install battlefield 4

- Remove battlelog plugin from browser and clear cache and install fresh

- Let windows update run with all checkboxes checked

- Restart / reboot my router and PC many times

- Try battlelog with different browsers Chrome,Firefox etc...


At some point after doing all this it works, I can join all servers now.


Have a look here as well.

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