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bf4 freezing xbox 360

by idontbliink

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Re: bf4 freezing xbox 360

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Mine froze at single player once...srsly?
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Re: bf4 freezing xbox 360

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Jan 20th 2014 and still freeze ups on BF4?


Whilst I get this is a heavily graphic loaded game, with lost of moving parts, it's sill quite frustrating to have the game freeze up so much.


In fact it wouldn't be so bad if it were to happen more often when I was getting my butt kicked, but it appears to happen more often when I am doing the butt kicking! LOL...


The other issue that keeps coming up is lost connection with EA Sports??


I know it's not my internet as friends tell me all they time that they too have this same issue, so what's the issue with EA  Sports?

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Re: bf4 freezing xbox 360

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Just clear your system cache, go to your system settings, go to memory device, and on your hard drive click Y, then hit Clear system cache.

Freezing happens to a lot of games usually games with a lot of stuff in it (like open world games and BF4) if your system can't handle loading it your system shuts down, or freezes. Most of the time your system just needs a cleaning, and don't worry cleaning the system Cache won't delete anything.

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Re: bf4 freezing xbox 360

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Unfortunately because of the frustration of the crashing it has prevented me from purchasing the premium pack, it's just not worth it if it keeps crashing. Sorry
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Re: bf4 freezing xbox 360

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Cache has been cleared many of times, and yet the problem still exists.


I've never messed around with the stock system, and only use genuine parts (controllers) and games, so there is not interference issues there?


I love the BF games and have donated many of hours to them, and will continue to do so, just a little disappointed with the crashing that's all.


However to be fair it was much worse on BF3, and in particular Metro defending the last two cases.

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Re: bf4 freezing xbox 360

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I've cleared the cache and loaded the disc 1 onto my HD, it's helped a lot. The only issue I have is on DawnBreaker. I'm all good until it freezes on the map and the it starts freezing every game until I take a break for a few hours. So avoid DawnBreaker as much as possible
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Where's my testicle money?

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Usually BETA TESTIES get paid. 


BF4 was incomplete upon release. The boss said "Ship before December. Year-end profits must be up!"


Premium should not be available until the BETA tests are complete and the program is stable, like they did in BF3. 


They disrespect our loyalty. Time to get an Ouya for $99



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Re: bf4 freezing xbox 360

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This is still happening daily. When is that fix coming again?
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Re: bf4 freezing xbox 360

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This problem then isn't "solved".  It is irritating.  Happened twice thus far tonight and in the span of 20 minutes.

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Re: bf4 freezing xbox 360

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That's great and all but this happens way to often when IM having a Great game I loose what ever stuff I unlock for that round
My xbox 360 keeps freezing while playing bf4, norrmally it would freeze every couple rounds but today i cant even play a whole round with out it freezing what should i do? i tried the clear system...

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