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Xbox 360 -

by llave240

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Xbox 360 -

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Battlefield 4 would be an absolutely amazing game, if it was not completely plagued with bugs. Constant graphical glitches, AI getting you stuck, flying across a map for no reason, saved game files currupted (which tech support blames the xbox for... right). It is pretty obvious the developer never played it on 360, becuase if they had they would have realized it was nearly unplayable. I can not believe that a product would be so hyped up and distributed everywhere and be SO crummy. I feel betrayed as a consumer. BF4 ranks up there as once of the most poorly developed products I have ever purchased. Ever. 

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Re: Xbox 360 -

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I know what you mean. Its unfortunate that this situation exists. I was so looking forward to the game, but its hard to stay with it an enjoy it. Some buddies and I were talking about how this could have possibly happened. DICE did such a good job with BF3 overall, that we were surprised at this step backwards. No one's talking about it, but only a few possible theories make sense as to why...and as consumers, we always want to know why but can only speculate:


  • DICE had a whole lot of turnover and a whole new team of developers worked on BF4 compared to BF3
  • The Frostbite 3 engine is unstable and somehow influencing all of the issues
  • [my personal favorite] As the publisher, EA pushed DICE to release at a point where it wasn't really ready in order to be ahead of COD: Ghosts

We will likely never know the real reason why the game is in the state it is, but I have trust that DICE will fix may take some time, but they are obviously swamped right now and I'm sure many of the team are putting in ridiculous hours to look at everything

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