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Re: Weird one shot deaths -- Lag or something ?

by HeroEightyTwo

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Weird one shot deaths -- Lag or something ?

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Hello guys,
I'd like to share this feeling with you and see what do you think of it ! When I fight on the ground versus other players, I often found myself getting killed in a second almost instantly. You know the feeling, you don't really see you life drop, it's like one hit take off 50 and the second hit finish you off. It's unreal, I don't know how people can kill you like that. I'm, of course, not talking about sniper or receving a rocket in the face but more about two guys fighting each other with Assault Rifle for exemple and then bam you drop dead faster than you could pull the trigger. Sometimes I'm walking around a corner and then I see an ennemi doing just the same then I drop dead without even being able to fire a shot because that guy killed me but how could he if we both saw and had the same time to react but I could even pull the trigger ? It feel like that guy had a headstart of 2 second over me yet my latency is very good (almost always between 20 and 40).
So this is it.... I'm wondering if you guys are feeling the same kind of weird (graphical maybe?) lag ? I'm good in FPS, I usually end-up being top 5 in a 32 players match yet I often die in those weird ways and I really don't get it. It's making me crazy to die like that all the time without even being able to fight back or turn around to see my killer. It's like dieing in a flash.


One more thing I could say is sometimes I duck behind a cover before getting killed (good reflexes) and thus breaking line of sight with my attacker but then a second and a half later I drop dead ... from the guy who can't see me anymore !!!!! The hell !? That's terribly annoying too...
It's totally illogical that your life would drop so fast you couldn't even see it. That some guys could do random one shot kill in full auto sometimes not even aiming down the sight.... what the hell is going on ?


PS : Sorry for that weird post guys, I had one before but I hit the "solved" button by accident while this issue is still unresolved ! So I  created this new topic as a copy of the previous one.

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Re: Weird one shot deaths -- Lag or something ?

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A nice player named "derfettedetlef" actually posted this :


It's the netcode.
It's the part of the game which is responsible for the communication in networks. They messed it up even more compared to BF3. On the other players screen everything looks fine when he kills you. Its not your or his internet, its more like the game fails to let your networks communicate in real-time. Currently there is a huuuuge delay of like 0,5-1s, which is absolutely unacceptable for First Person Shooters.

Hope this was accurate enough and I didn't say anything false! Correct me if I'm wrong.

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Re: Weird one shot deaths -- Lag or something ?

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I then replied :


For half a day I've been researching about this issue and what you just said seem to recapitulate my findings. Their Netcode is actually creating a huge ugly mess out there.... and we all pay the price.


That's unacceptable. If they don't fix it, I won't walk anymore. Vehicles are going to be my new best friends.

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Re: Weird one shot deaths -- Lag or something ?

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One very interesting youtube video discussing the issue :

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Re: Weird one shot deaths -- Lag or something ?

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I have this same problem. Its my 2nd day playing and just in the last hour I've had a guy jump into my line of fire suicidally and kill me with his 1st shot. A fight against a guy with a pistol against my assault rifle kills me before I him. And more examples than I can count of catching someone by surprise and they turn round and kill me despite having taken 2/3 of my clip before they even aim their gun.


When it doesn't matter how skillfully you play and you just feel cheated with every match I don't think I will be playing for much longer unless it is fixed.

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Re: Weird one shot deaths -- Lag or something ?

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Yeah I'm noticing these WTF moments more and more since playing support. I'll get the drop on someone, unload 20 rounds from my M249 (yes, aimed properly - I know they can spray wildly) and the guy will just turn around a shoot me dead in one shot and he's taken maybe 40 damage.


Very very disappointing.

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Re: Weird one shot deaths -- Lag or something ?

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Are they fixing this problem?It happens  to me all the time. Even today no matter what i get in, i get hit one time and boom i'm dead!But i still kick some ass in the game sometimes.LOL

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Re: Weird one shot deaths -- Lag or something ?

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