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Sound issue, sound is gone

by JohnnyDoesntSnow

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Sound issue, sound is gone

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When I start the game the sound is gone in all the menus and in-game. When I quit the game the sound works fine in the XMB-menu and in other games, but if I start BF4 the sound is lost again. 
Any ideas?

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Re: Sound issue, sound is gone

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Yeah, I have the same problem... Had it since BF3. In BF3 I had to restart my computer, then the sound would return. I was doing the same for BF4 for a while, now, since the latest update, I have NO SOUND at all in-game. Now considering this seems to be a pretty isolated issue, I don't see it even being addressed. I paid $150 AUD for this plus premium.

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Re: Sound issue, sound is gone

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Have had the same ,sound disappears and then comes back am using Xbox and I would imagine Eurpoean servers
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