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QR code BF4

by lthannan1995

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QR code BF4

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Where can i find the QR code in the battlefield 4 main menu to scan with my Battlelog app on my phone?

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Re: QR code BF4 for Xbox One

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There is no QR code. It was never actually added into the game... yet.

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QR code BF4

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I can't find the page to scan the QR code and get access to battlelog
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Re: QR code BF4

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I am also wondering the same thing. And how to activate the BATTLESCREEN minimap on my iPad. The is no option for it on the bottom right like everyone else has.
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Re: QR code BF4

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In game(not the browser) at the deploy screen in the top right is several emblems(one backspace,freinds , trophy,etc...), click on them(or press backspace). Make sure the battlelog tab is open, there is will be a button in the bottom right group that says "get the battlelog app", click the "try it now" button, click continue to go to the QR code page. Scan the QR code.

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Re: QR code BF4

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But what do you do if you are on ps3 where will it be then
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Re: QR code BF4

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I have PS3 too and I'm wondering the same thing.

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Re: QR code BF4

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I just found out that the QR code login is for PS4, Xbone, and PC only.

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Battlelog App Login Issues

★★★★ Novice

I know my Origin login is correct because I used them to login in to this website and I use Origin on PC a lot as well.


I have tried countless times to login to the Battlelog Android app but it refuses my login credentials


I've also tried the QR code login that it recommends to do, but I cannot find the QR code in the game

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Account linking mystery

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Re: Account linking mystery

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I got BF3 on the playstation 3 earlier in the year. I've since sold the system, and now have BF4 on the Xbox one. I'm able to play just fine, however whenever I try to log into battlelog it just gives me the old BF3 stats and BF4 isn't there. I'm really confused as I'm trying to enjoy and enhance my experience with battlelog and can't. Sorry if this issue has been resolved I just don't know what to do. I can't find how to link my xbox account through origin. Thank you for any help.
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