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Punkbuster Kicks: BF4 for PC Windows 8.1

by dktnt

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Punkbuster Kicks: BF4 for PC Windows 8.1

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I cannot connect to servers with a message saying that I was kicked. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling/manually updating Punk Buster. Which makes me able to join a server is to uninstall PB - reboot, reinstall PB reboot then I can join for once. After I leave that server however, I cannot join again. 


My questions are:


1- Is this a known issue? Is there a possible fix?

2- Where can I see more information on why I was kicked from a server? (pbcl.log file shows nothing as I cannot join a game)


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Re: Punkbuster Kicks: BF4 for PC Windows 8.1

Community Manager (retired)

Head to the Battlefield 4 installation folder, C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 4 by default, then find the _Installer folder.
In _Installer, find and navigate into the Punkbuster folder, and from there, into theredist folder.
Find and run pbsvc.exe to update or repair your Punkbuster installation.

If the above folders don’t exist in your installation:
Head to and click the Download PBSetup button, and select the option “For All Windows Games."
Open, then run pbsetup.exe. Accept the EULA, follow the instructions, update PunkBuster, and then click Add a Game.
In the drop down menu, select Battlefield 4, then Add Game, and finally, before trying to run Battlefield 4 again, Check for Updates.

Please keep us updated


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Re: Punkbuster Kicks: BF4 for PC Windows 8.1

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Thanks for the answer eabastian. However, that was something I have already tried. I also tried uninstalling/reinstalling PB, DX and the game itself. Neither of these helped. Are there any more info that I can provide or logs that I can locate?


I am fairly certain that this is an issue with PB as I can play campaign normally. 

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Re: Punkbuster Kicks: BF4 for PC Windows 8.1

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Yeah i have same issue. And nothing i can do helps. 

Installed Windows 8.1 and it keeps kicking me from game with this repli: RESTRICTION: Service Communication Failure: PnkBstrA.exe

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Re: Punkbuster Kicks: BF4 for PC Windows 8.1

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This seems very similar to my issue, what exactly is the error message? after you have been kicked


Mine is "Error Game disconnected: you were kicked from the game." and I posted all about here


please add a comment and hardware specs onto my thread there a number of people with the same issue, and that is where i will post a solution if I ever have one.


After a lot of corrispondance with punkbuster I don't believe it is connected to that, their errors usally mention some punk buster software like the post above. Also regarding the post above, you need to reinstall and test punkbuster and ensure it gets out though your fire wall, PunkbusterA is a small program that runs in the backround all the time your PC is on an activates Punkbuster B when playing the game. Upgrading from win8  to 8.1 messes it up and it needs a re-install.  

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