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Re: PnkBstrB.exe initialization failed

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Do every step in this page to fix this problem 


Also try this additional steps if the above does not work


1. Open windows firewall
2. click advanced settings( on the left) and then inbound (also left)
3. Find PnkbstrA.exe and PnkbstrB.exe (if you have two of both, its fine)
4. right click on each of them>properties>programs and services
5. make sure that "all programs that meet the specifications" is checked
6. then go to the "Advanced" tab and check all 3 boxes. Domain, Private and Public.
7. REMEMBER TO DO THIS FOR ALL PnkBstr Files. then save and quit.
8. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 4 and delete "Pb" folder.
9. go to these 2 links:
10. download and install both
11. Run Pbsetup.exe (the first link)
12. add a game (eg. bf4)
13. check for updates.


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Re: PnkBstrB.exe initialization failed

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DUDE -------------------------- YOUR A F*****NG LEGEND!!!



Ive been looking for fixes for hours, it was this simple Standard smile



Bit of a pain in the A*** having to do this all the time, but if it works consistently bloody amzing. Cheers, have a virtual beer on me.

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Re: PnkBstrB.exe initialization failed

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Make sure your anti-virus is not blocking punkbuster, also check windows firewall. 

Punkbuster has 2 services running in the background in order to check your PC for hacks or 3rd party programs influencing the game.


They are called:



In order to enable both do:


1. Press Windows button and R at the same time

2. enter "Services.msc"

3. Locate PnkBstraA on the list

4. Mark both and select "Start the service" on the left side.

4B. If already running restart it.


This should resolve your issue.

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Re: PnkBstrB.exe initialization failed

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my friend has tried all the possible solution he can find , but still no luck , as soon as he enter the game PnkBstrB.exe disappear from services , and 1 min later lead to the kick , some how PnkBstrB.exe and PnkBstrA.exe are all running once window is booted , and once enter the game PnkBstrB.exe just gone.


my friend never had this problem when we use to play BF3


PLEASE HELP ! ,my friend just bought BF4 and bought Premium and to find that he can not play

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Re: PnkBstrB.exe initialization failed

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I have tried thos but it still did not work.


Any ideas?

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Re: PnkBstrB.exe initialization failed

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@freppefrepp wrote:

Edit: Just found out something. may it be windows 8? on my other computer running windows 7 it works and for my friends who uses windows 7.

Reply please :D


Windows 8 is the reccomended OS for BF4, try the steps below,


- Reinstall PB

- Open Origin right click BF4 and select Repair Game

- Open Origin right click BF4 and select check for updates

- Upload your DXDIAG file to this page this can be done by
   1. Press Windows Key + R
   2. Type in DXDIAG and hit enter
   3. Click Save all information
   4. Save the file somewhere you will know where you put it
   5. Upload it to this forum post or Private Message me with it


- Try performing a UOTrace test on your PC []
   If you have a high ping contact your ISP.
   If you cannot open UOTrace and get a message saying “Cannot connect to ea online” please check firewall on both you PC and your Router


Or contact support - 
*Note that some players may have issues when using Internet Explorer. If this is the case, please use an alternate browser such as Firefox or Chrome*
Click the following link and log in:
Then click on Help with a Game, and choose your game. If your game isn't listed, try entering the name on the search bar to the right. Alternately you can choose the Browse By Topic option and choose your relevant topic. If it is an account issue that doesn't require Game Advisor assistance, you can click the Manage Account button.
On the next page you will see a bunch of articles, links to community fixes, and a manuals tab for the chosen game.
If the articles aren't relevant to you, scroll to the bottom of the page, and you will get an option to Contact Us.
Click this and you will be prompted to choose your platform, the topic of your issue and to give a brief description of the issue at hand.
You will then have your options available, such as having a Live Chat with an advisor, or scheduling a callback if it is available in your region.
After this, you will get a live chat or a callback (depending on what you chosen) with an EA agent, that will be more then happy to assist you in any way.

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Re: PnkBstrB.exe initialization failed

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iv tryed all of these and its still not working Frown


i hate prunkbuster it all ways scruse up!!!!! F*ck prunkbuster!!!

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Re: PnkBstrB.exe initialization failed

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I had the same problem for a while and it turned to be related with process explorer.

There is a major bug it that software which for some reason disables the PnkBstrB service from running and actually is deleting the service at all.

All you need to do is stop using that **bleep** then run pbsvc.exe from the game folder then click Test Services, this will actually reenable the service again.
 After its done you can eithere relog/restart the windows or restart the installed service. DO NOT start the Process Explorer at all or it will be gone again, as soon as you start the game.

So again if you dont have PunkBuster installed, all previous answers are good, but if for some reason its still not working after all steps being succesfull keep my answer in mind.

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Re: PnkBstrB.exe initialization failed

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after following all the instructions out there, this did the trick for me.

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Re: PnkBstrB.exe initialization failed

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How do you" stop using that **bleep**"????

how do i found the process explorer in the 1st place?and stop it?

please provide instruction for noobs

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