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[PC][BF4] Joining Server, Nothing Happens

by LTbigbill

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[PC][BF4] Joining Server, Nothing Happens

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Where to begin...


First my specs...

Intel i5 3500K OC'd (I have a fat CPU fan, never had a problem, and only OCing 0.3GHz or 0.4ish more)

8GB DDR3 1666 RAM

1.5 TB WD Black HDD (Main C:\ drive, game installed in origin as normal)

1 TB WD Black HDD (Media drive, not really relevant)

EVGA 570HD Not OC'd

Chrome (My default browser, up-to-date)



Log into Origin, start BF4, chrome pops up with battlelog, logs me in, I choose any server, click join game.

Blue 'Joining Server' at bottom of chrome appears.

Wait, wait, wait, and wait some more


Ctrl + Shift + Esc (Brings up taskmanger)

Click show all processes

No bf4.exe or anything similar is running (Besides origin and punbuster A, usually B starts after I join a server)


Things I've tried...

Restart computer

Reinstall game, restart again

Reinstall punkbuster

Go to my origin folder, reinstall DX as admin

Reinstall punkbuster as admin

Update my nvidia drivers

Update motherboard drivers

Close mundane tasks such as Steam, Spotify, CGMiner, etc. etc. (Note: I never had to do this for BF3, or any BF game)

Restart after restart after restart (You'd be surprised how many problems this actually fixes, but that's all unrelated to BF)


My thoughts...

This might be the most pathetic thing I've ever seen come out of EA/Dice

I preordered your game, and it won't even open

I am currently a Computer Science (BS) major at my states college, you know what happens if our simple programs don't compile/run? F

Yours won't even load into my memory

EA/Dice you get an F from me, a loyal fan of Battlefield, all the way back from 1942

I literally built my computer to play BF3, I enjoyed BF3 and premium and all that it offered, there was nothing like a good ol' BF game before bed

I come back to this and am just disappointed

I played your beta, or at least tried, but didn't judge a book by its cover (It was a beta after all)

I still preordered your game

Tried to play day one - nothing (All well, day one is usually pretty bad for any game)

Finally when I was able to play for a bit, the game was ruined by

   Soccer ball Noise lose (wtf, this is kind of a big part of any game)

   Football Textures going nutz (Typical)

   Basketball Battlelog being battlelog (What was wrong with just having an in game server browser? I am still baffled by this decision)

   (4) Shoddy netcode, I was getting more kills just spray and praying than actually looking down the sites (Big no no for any BF)

   (5) Crashes (Can apply to any new game though)

    The worst error codes I have ever seen. "Something went wrong" oh really? I had no idea. That's a basic concept we learned day one for debugging, make your errors easy to solve by being DESCRIPTIVE with what is going on and causing the problem.

   (7) And now my game won't even run


I could rant on and on for hours but I'll try to stop myself there. Most games have there issues when they launch, but this many? 

Those were just my issues too, I'm positive there are loads more that I skipped over.


And to top it all off, I see you guys always asking for more money, for what? New CTF game mode and a couple new guns, yeah I bet that took long to throw together.


I will never buy another EA game again, I have been with you guys from the start and watched you roll downhill. Your company is the inspiration behind pirating games, the pirates know how to get your game running better than the devs. I've tried to work with you to solve problems and to returned with the worst support I have ever seen. EA/Dice be worried, if you guys don't pull your **bleep** together fast, you'll start to lose customers left and right, you already lost one today.

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Re: [PC][BF4] Joining Server, Nothing Happens

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... Seriously R we gonna get a reply to this problem anytime soon? This is getting ridiculous

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Re: [PC][BF4] Joining Server, Nothing Happens

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the blue thing doseb't even come up for me


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Re: [PC][BF4] Joining Server, Nothing Happens

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Well put man. EA is notorious for sucking with customer service. The only reason there in buisness is because of thier sports game which in my opinion have gone down hill as well besides NHL.  Check this link regarding what the thinks about EA. Apparently they were voted 2 time worst company in America by its users.

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Re: [PC][BF4] Joining Server, Nothing Happens

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Hi everyone, I found a solution to this problem...I hope it is the same problem that I had. But I found that after you update your BBlog and you are using Chrome browser...there is some conflict with the plug-in for battlelog! Type in your address bar chrome://plugins then scroll down to your battlelog plug-in. you should see 2 versions of this 2.3.1 & 2.3.2. I disabled 2.3.2 then I went into battlelog again and there appeard a tag for me to update the browser(for some reason if you have both active it doesn't see the update) . Then update 2.3.1, go back to your chrome://plugins and re-enable 2.3.2. Go back to battlelog and reload the page. this then Fixed my issue with joining servers. I hope that it would solve your problem aswell....Hope to see you all on the battlefield...............Hoooah 


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Re: [PC][BF4] Joining Server, Nothing Happens

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Thank you, i finally got i working ^_^

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Re: [PC][BF4] Joining Server, Nothing Happens

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I have the same issue since yesterday. There is only one version of the plugin installed: 2.3.2


What I have already tried:

  • Restarting PC
  • Restarting Origin
  • Using Firefox instead of Chrome
  • Reinstalling BF4 browser plugin
  • Restarting Punkbuster A service
  • Reenabling BF4 browser plugin

I am already bad at EA and Dice because I had to reinstall the game due to crashed all the time and the game was unplayable in SLI since the 16.12.2013. Now I can not even join a server anymore!


Thanks in advance for any help regarding this issue.


Update 1: I reinstalled BF4 and now it works again. I hope this is the last reinstall I have to make to play the game.

Update 2: Nevermind. I can now join a sever, but the game does not load. Battlelog says I am connected but the after loading the level, I still am stuck on the loading screen. Or Battlelog says 'Could not join sever' while connecting. I really don't know what to do now. If I can not get any help from EA or Dice, can I get a refund?

Update 3: After executing both files in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 4\__Installer\vc\vc2012Update3\redist, repairing the game (there were 1GB of files corrup after a clean installation), it works now.

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Re: [PC][BF4] Joining Server, Nothing Happens

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Thank you so much it worked for me Standard smile

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Re: [PC][BF4] Joining Server, Nothing Happens

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You're welcome

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Re: [PC][BF4] Joining Server, Nothing Happens

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do i need to run the vcredist_x64 or vcredist_x86 or is this even the right thing because i run them and preess repair and it does stuff and nothing happens so if you could help that be great but if not no worries thank you anyways.

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