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Not all servers or rented server shown in server browser

by NPCtom

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Re: Not all servers or rented server shown in server browser

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Hi @EA_Atic and @EA_Blueberry ,

You are clearly not really understanding the depths of this problem, as apparent when seeing the list of questions that you now pose to us and even thinking its maybe already fixed...


This would not be such a serious problem, if it was only in the internet web browser of BattleLog or if it was in the BattleLog App for aka iPad....


NO, this bug is still fully active and destroying our ability to run a stable BF4 server catering to a large and growing player base that wants to play on our dedicated servers.  And the bug is visual when using your PS4 for all the previous mentioned situations described in this thread above by numerous posters.


And it doesn't matter what filter criteria you set up.  Simply because your server is not getting listeed by your server directory to anyone as soon as the server is empty and have no more players on it.  Therefore.  From that point of ti8me, the only possible way to recall a server 'back to life' is if an admin goes onto the menu within "My Rented Servers" and press the command to join it for playing himself.


If there are no players on a server, then it is not visible to anybody, not even the owner or otyer admins, if using the Server Search screen or going into your server favorites screen.  It disappears to all global players instantly when there are no players left on the server.  And it reappears instantly to all players globally at the exact moment when an admin is entering to play ahis empty server as the first one.  Right then, all other global players will then instantly have the server back on the server search result list or the server favorites (if previously having saved the server there).


Any simple test on this from EA side, would have shown this to you right away.  Hence,  why even you need to ask for it.  This is the case for ALL rented servers!  So nothing to do with our individual server customs settings or the individual player's local search criteria...


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Re: Not all servers or rented server shown in server browser

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@EA_Blueberry@EA_Atic ...


  • Platform
    Cyber: PS4
  • Time of day (include timezone) of when your rental server disappears from the list (We recommend performing an Origin client restart/console restart first before confirming it's not showing up)
    Cyber: It is 24/7 it can/will disappear.  It happens as soon as the last player may quit the server.  The server goes empty for players.  When that happens, then instantly that server is no longer visible to anybody globally, no matter who, no matter day or time of day.  No matter timezone.
  • Origin ID or Gamertag or PSN ID
    Cyber: Cyberdyme (for both)
  • SCREENSHOTS of the server browser filter from BOTH the favorites and regular universal server browser list with your filter selections. 
    • Have you tried resetting the server browser filter back to default and adjusted the player slot size to see it appear?
    • Have you sorted the server list by ping, server player count, etc.?
      Cyber:  It has absolutely nothing to do with the local player's filter settings.  We know the filter function is troublesome in BF4 but we do know how it works and have used it for years.  And no matter the key data fields that you use for the filtering, the result is the same.  Your empty server will never be found by anyone!  Aka, use only the region field, aka use only server name field, aka use only BF4 map field, aka use only the game mode field.   Our servers are gone, no matter!

    • I run a BF4 players community forum on PS4. Here I have approx 700 of my most regular players (global, so also some out of European region, where server is registered) communicating with me and my server admins.  We have tested this with our community multiple times now.  As soon as server is empty for players, then instantly it disappears visible to all our community globally.  None can find it using their server search function.  And it also disappears instantly from all those that have it on their server favorites list (also from my own list  ;o).
    • The symptom is EXACTLY the same actually what happens as you know happens when we as server owner do not pay for the server rental before the expiry date.  Instantly the server disappears from the server search results and it also disappears instantly from all users's server favorites list!  So you don't need to ask for screenshots.  As this is how it appears for us all.  Either the server is having players on it and all is normal.  You can find it ion the server search screen and also its on the list when you go to your server favorites screen.   And instantly when the server rental is expired and not paid for, then its instantly gone from those two directory lists of servers to play on.  No error messages or anything.  Its simply just not listed anymore.
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Re: Not all servers or rented server shown in server browser

Community Manager

Thank you very much @CyberDyme! (And everyone else that contributed)

We believe that we have the reproduction steps and are continuing our investigation. We may direct further questions to the RSP owners should we require more specific details.


Thank you for your patience while we continue our investigations.


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Re: Not all servers or rented server shown in server browser

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I have been having the same problem with my server =open=The Brothers of War (Recruitment server)  as well on PS4 and it keeps crashing. Any word on that fix man? 

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Re: Not all servers or rented server shown in server browser

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@EA_Blueberry, please also notice, that when this bug shows its symptoms (our server is empty and thereby no longer visible/find-able to anyone) then this is actually the case for all platforms that we can use to search/view for servers on!   Aka, on my PS4, on my iPad using the IOS app.  On a normal P)C using MS IE11 or Edge, or using Google Chrome to browse to the website.


Our server is not to be found on any of these platforms.

Hence, my strong belief that it is definitely also linked directoy to the server side software and how EA is provided the server directory listings back to the users.

And please mind you! 

This bug was not there until the very day when EA deployed the server side software update on January 24th 2019 !!!


Also reason for my very big frustration and disappointment that EA simply could not just roll back that update to fix this bug first before deploying it, as we reported it already within 24 hours after the server side software patch was deployed...  And the server side did not have any bugs impacting thousands of servers as this new bug does!  Heck, this bug affects the entire PS4 BF4 player base!!!   

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Re: Not all servers or rented server shown in server browser

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Yea that was right around the time I noticed my server acting up too man same issues and can’t find it anywhere but in the “my rented servers” tab
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Re: Not all servers or rented server shown in server browser

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We should be able to at least see empty servers that we have marked as a “favorite”. It deters players from joining their favorite servers of they are not able to see them. This bug/glitch should be a priority in BF4 functionality to keep the community strong. 

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Re: Not all servers or rented server shown in server browser

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Cant you all see? This is not a bug, it's a feature. EA is just stealing your money. Blueberry is just beating around the bush. "Looking into it". Yeah, right! How long has it been?
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Re: Not all servers or rented server shown in server browser

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I did rent a server and it is not showing in the browser... I just played it like a minute ago and now I purposely quit it and it is gone form the search menu. I tried every filter and also look by name and it is just not showing up. Even favorite section doesn't show it. What's going on?  


Also the web link to the server now says " SORRY, THAT PAGE DOESN'T EXIST"


this is the direct link


What's the point of paying money for the server, if it is not accessible to people? 


C'mon EA... 

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Re: Not all servers or rented server shown in server browser

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Last EA representative response to the issue is 1 month ago... I think you might be right and EA doesn't even care anymore. It is old game. However for me as a customer I feel like I want to get my money back. 

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