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Re: EA terminating BF4 Server rentals and support?

by NPCtom

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Re: Not all servers or rented server shown in server browser

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Yes agreed @grawitj , as the server service is not available as we were promised it would be in our server rental agreement !!!


EA clearly do this also to save money, as they will not need to pay rent for the virtual server space to their server hosting partner, when the virtual server is not active with our BF4 server.  While we pay EA every single day for the hosting by EA, EA themselves don't pay the hosting company.  =>  Great profit !!!


Racketeering of the worst kind if you ask me!

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Re: Not all servers or rented server shown in server browser

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This is exactly my problem, and using an xbox one platform, I expect a quick fix as the server's rental time is running out.

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Re: Not all servers or rented server shown in server browser

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@CyberDyme I have exactly the same problem with my server on the Xbox one platform, hopefully with your collaboration the EA team will resolve quickly, I would also like to know how to compensate for the days when the server was not visible.
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Re: Not all servers or rented server shown in server browser

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Hello, is there any news for a resolution of the same problem for an xBox One platform?
my problem may be exactly described by @CyberDyme in # 41 and # 42

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Re: Not all servers or rented server shown in server browser

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@EA_Blueberry, @EA_Atic
I have already rented server for 4 months now and for what? So I can run there on my own? And I run server with rare maps people are calling for - but, the server is simply not visible.

Waste of money ... digging the grave for BF4 - the best game ever.
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Re: Not all servers or rented server shown in server browser

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@NZ-Roulette Still having issues! Sucks bad!
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bf4 server browser glitch- will it ever be fixed.

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now you have had plenty of time to realise this is a problem on your end ea, and you need to fix this.


bf4 rent servers will NOT show unless admin sits in his server, then the server will show in the browser!, but if the admin leaves and he is still the only one in that server as soon as he leaves the server will go back ofline again, and will disappear from the server browser. Happens on both consoles ps4 and xbox








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EA terminating BF4 Server Rental and Support?

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Dear @EA_Atic  @NPCtom @arrePi3 @Chronic1Thunder @NZ-Roulette @xxTIMBO81xx @EA_Blueberry @DixonBauls @Sollers1 @kevins7731 @mikekiller-46 @GREEN_CAVEMAN @Viking_Floki42 @gwrmarines @grawitj @TellesTenente @Blutwor @TargetRainman @Sgt-viper91x , dear fellow server owners/renters, dear all BF4 gamers, 


Main question:  Are EA terminating rented BF4 servers and their support?


Recent development, since 24 January from when EA 'updated' the server side software, so our servers were no longer visible to anyone in this world if running empty, and only an admin could start them up again..   And for which EA have never recognized this faul play from their side and never cared to fix, so the serious issue remains to this day... 
And now since yesterday, they have without prior announcement stopped their support of rented servers!?!

My server froze and no new players could join.  So now standing idle, with no gamers on it.  So contacted EA Support to restart it.

And I just got the most scandalous treatment by their EA Support Group this morning CET !
As called them via Chat Support (will post the full script here when I get it from them, if?) as my very popular PS4 BF4 dedicated Metro server had for some reason frozen at 23:50 last Saturday night.  No players able to join it again, including also myself and the admin group via the Admin menu.  So the server is fully visible!  I can enter into the admin setup menu, I can browse all the setup screens, ban list, VIP list, admin list, the server parameters, the game mode setup, the map rotation.  Everything is there as normal.
But all players including myself gets the message: "You have lost the connection to the session" when trying to join it.
It is still visible to all players around the world.  But nobody able to join it.  And your PS4 remains in 'joining server' state after this, so you will have to restart the BF4 app to try other stuff within the BF4 app.

In the EA Support Chat, their EA agent told me: No, we are no longer able to reload or restart the BF4 servers.
And he referred to PSN to get my money back for the pre-paid rental.
I have pre-paid rental until 23 Nobember 2019.
And right after he simply just cut off the support line. And then I got the 'EA Provide Feedback' screen... Unbelievable shameful treatment.
If this is really true, then this is a scandalous treatment from EA's side of their most faithful customer group. So we pay to rent the servers to play their games and then they treat us this way? If they indeed are discontinuing the Server Support, then we should be notified about that. And they should not take our money to cover rental period beyond their support is covering the functionality of it.

That is outrageous fraud !
Pocketing our money for their profits without fulfilling their part of the server rental agreement. This is racketeering of worst kind - What a shameful behavior !
So EA, if you planned to terminate BF4, shame on you to treat us server renters (your profit makers) this disgraceful way !!

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Re: EA terminating BF4 Server rentals and support?

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My experience with EA support has been limited but never had a perfect resolution each time.


My thread that has gained a lot of attention ( has yet to be resolved by EA staff. These server rentals aren't cheap yet we get, well to put it nicely, * support. I feel as if EA no longer cares about their server owners which power nearly 100% of the playerbase's multiplayer experience.


I want this fixed and I want it fixed now.

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Re: EA terminating BF4 Server Rental and Support?

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@CyberDymeEA's technical support is useless , in most cases they are not trying to help at all.

Also this is EA we are talking about, they released a FIFA 20 with completely broken career mode and tried to cover it by deleting the forum threads. Would not be surprised if they will just delete this.

I would suggest copying and posting this and the link to this forum on battlefield subreddit and doing the web archive record on the page.


Here is the link

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