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No Joystick Support in BF4: Solved

by f0xm1ke

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No Joystick Support in BF4: Solved

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I have found a solution that will solve the problem - but it will take time and patience. I have a t.Flight HOTAS X from Thrustmaster that I use because I'm a licensed pilot.


This is what you need to do:


First: Do NOT mess around with your PROFSAVE_profile document. Leave it as is. If you have messed with it, delete the file you changed and restore the backup of that document. If you didn't make a back up, that is unfortunate. BF4 may recreate a PROFSAVE_profile document if you delete it and restart the game. Any future changes you make will be saved to that file - make sure you backup the stock file before editing.


Second: Download any needed software for your joystick and make sure the device is calibrated.


Third: Do NOT try to set up the joystick in the game. Download Realmware BF4 Settings Editor and use that. 


[User Quote]: "Realmware's BF4 Settings Editor. It is a quick and easy way of setting up your joystick config. Go through and choose to clear all joystick configs everywhere, and then start from scratch. It sounds like something's conflicting with another setting (easy to do when the button descriptions make no sense)."


** It is not necessarily "easier". For example, only the pitch up/down axis can be inverted [see graphic]. The roll and yaw axes cannot be inverted. Rest assured it will be frustrating when you try to use your new bindings in-game.


Invert Axis in BF4 Editor.png


Allow for extra time to set up your joystick because you have to re-enter the game to verify if the settings work properly. Trust me - you will get it wrong on the first few tries, but hang in there - it is so worth it. Be sure to set those axes to inverted, first.


Some of the joystick button bindings are not intuitively named. The program will give false alarms that a joystick binding is taken when it isn't. Ignore those messages.


Fourth: Use the "Clear Joystick" button for each of the Common, Infantry, Vehicle, Jet, Helicopter, and MAV tabs.


Clear all Joystick Button BF4 Editor.png


After you do that, then go to the Helicopter tab then click on each joystick setting and move the corresponding control or press the desired button. What you must remember is to choose ONE item, actually the top joystick item; e.g. center your throttle, then click on 'Throttle up' under Joystick and push the throttle forward. When you do that, Both the Z- and Z+ axes will be assigned. Do NOT try to set them both independently - it will not work. What you see in the graphic is how my controls are bound - they work well for me. If they do not work for you, fiddle around until you find the correct bindings like I did.


You will have to do it again for the Jets Tab. remember your procedure - there is no shame in writing down what you did as I have.


Click on 'Save Settings' with every change, especially if things work properly. There is a button in the app to backup your modified PROFSAVE_profile file. Each backup is timestamped - once you have things correctly set, backup the file and delete the backups with earlier timestamps to avoid confusion.


There appears to be no hat switch support in-game. I am going to be working on that.


Good luck, good fragz, GET SOME!



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Re: No Joystick Support in BF4: Solved

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Nice one @f0xm1ke !

Haven't thought about setting up a flight deck since the PC gaming days, but maybe with the PS5 and BF2042 it could be fun to try?



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