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Missing Weapons in BF4 for PS3

by occmsrzr

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Missing Weapons in BF4 for PS3

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When I start a multiplayer game (it has only happened on Conquest, though I have yet to try any other modes), I usually have very few problems for about 25% of my time. Then the sound begins to cut out, and when it come for me to spawn again, I spawn with no weapons mesh, the HUD is telling me I have zero ammo, and all I can use is a single grenade. I can run around and interact with my environment, and people can certainly kill me. I cannot, however, use any weapons or gadgets. This is accompanied by the common server issues (stuck on black loading screen, freezes inexplicably, etc.) Is this something anyone else has seen? I couldn't find any other threads with this sort of problem. Is this due to the game, or is my system freaking out on me? I hate to add to the chorus, but this is beginning to aggrevate me to no end. 

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Re: Missing Weapons in BF4 for PS3

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Yeah, it's strange. I'm having the same issue.


I can play a game just for for about 5 minutes or so, and then I'll respawn after dying or picking up a field weapon, and I'll lose my primary and secondary weapon. At first, I was only able to use my Gadgets, which--was fun but tedious, then I lost all my gadgets and I only had grenades; but the HUD didn't display how many grenades I had--only that I had them. Then, for the rest of the round, I don't have any weapons, gadgets or anything...


I also won't see the ending screen at the end of a match, and when trying to leave a game, or quit to the XMB my system just hangs there. Does--this have something to do with the 1.02 patch or... something?

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Re: Missing Weapons in BF4 for PS3

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I get this problem every time I start a multiplayer game or change my weapon load out. Incredibly annoying. It can easily take a good 30 seconds before my weapons appear. The pistol always appears first, the rifle/machine gun a little later. If I don't change my loadout, the weapons will appear within 10 seconds.


I'm also encountering loading issues. Loading tends to be quite slow and regularly carries on to "infinity", forcing me to quit the game.

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Re: Missing Weapons in BF4 for PS3

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Same here. I can use the secondary sometimes but my hands wont appear. And often i cant see other players but only their guns. Seige of shanghai never loads up. Game freezes on the black screen. Weapons wont appear in game. Many bugs and glitches
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Re: Missing Weapons in BF4 for PS3

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Same here, this been going on since the 1 week after the release. Now weapons at all for no game each time spawn in the game. A GREAT disappointment.

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Re: Missing Weapons in BF4 for PS3

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I've been having this problem in BF3 and it seems to be down to a disc read error, as my PS3 won't load Battlefield Bad Company 2 at all.


I might be unique in this regard as it may be a server/software issue for the others that have posted here, but mine seems to be linked to my Blu Ray drive failing to read the disk as it goes "ker chunk.................ker chunk................ker chunk" very quietly - like it's trying to repeatedly read the same area on the disk, and the only way out of it is to manually turn off the system and restart - once the console is cold from a few hours of non-use the games seem to start and operate fine, at least for a little while. BFBC2 just dumps me out of the game like I've been kicked, and BF3 gives me the no weapons glitch and I end up running about like a total spanner getting shot at and letting other players rack up their score!!  Not much fun if you're feeling competitive...hmph!


I bought my console second hand and it's worked fine for months and I've had lots of enjoyable gameplay from it, but I've no warranty so I'm going to have a go at cleaning the lenses and seeing if that works - if no joy, then I'm going to try replacing the laser unit and the mechanism for the disk loader (only about £20 from various parts places) and see if that works. If still no joy, I might just buy a SOR/faulty console on ebay with YLOD and switch out the bluray drive in that.


Failing all of the above I shall resign myself to a corner and sob gently into the broken remains of my main source of escapism, cursing Sony and their passion for planned obsolescense.


Wish me luck! I shall endeavour to report back here if it works so that if anyone else has this problem they can see if these solutions fix it.

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Re: Missing Weapons in BF4 for PS3

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When i join a server it takes 20-30 SECONDS before my weapons appears...and 20 SECONDS is a log of time in Such a fast paced shooter as bf4 ( i only play operation locker, thats why i Think its fast paced)
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Re: Missing Weapons in BF4 for PS3

I generally have few problems playing on PS3, however I have done a few steps that may help with BF4's stability.

1. I've disabled the media server functionality on my PS3 since it's a resource hog and BF4 needs all the system resources that it can get.
2. I've rebuilt my PS3 Database (don't worry you won't lose any data) as described here:
3. I play with my PS3 hardwired to my router instead of using wireless
4. I've made sure that my HDD is not near full since the console performs better when it has at least some empty space on the HDD
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