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Knife Attacks When Firing

by meximoosepcmmr

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Knife Attacks When Firing

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Here is my issue, one that is making the game unplayable. Every time I attack someone, if they get within about 15 feet or so of me, my knife pops out and swings at the opponent. I then am forced to switch back to my weapon if I survive and manage to try and get off a second attempt, the same thing happens. I used to think it was just on my support class but it is happening on multi classes.


I am playing on a PS3 and have 3 brand new controllers, each less than 2 weeks old. It happens even without my thumbs on the controller. It’s happened to many folks I have talked to. Please advise.

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Support Class - Shoot/Auto-knife attack

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I haven't checked other topics because I don't have time for it but just wanted to mention this bug. When I'm using the Support Class and trying to shoot an enemy soldier that is about 15 feet away, my gun blocks and immediately goes into a knifing attack. This means I'm dead because the enemy is literally 15 feet away and is still shooting at me. Hope you guys have a solution. 

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Melee interrupts gunfire

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When i come into close contact to an enemy, but not close enough to knife him, I hit fire button and the knife comes out instead, resulting in me getting shot and killed.  This is not unique to me as my clan mates have similar problem.  Any patch being worked on for this?

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Re: Support Class - Shoot/Auto-knife attack

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I am having the same issue and it is getting me killed a lot. It seems like it happens anytime a character is within 30 feet. I fire one shot and the knife pops out. I have 3 brand new controllers and it happens on all of them so its not the controller. It happens whether my thumb is on the the controller or not.

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When I pull the trigger on any weapon (R1) in many situations my character slashes with his knife. Why?

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It is very frustrating to be firing a weapon, including shoulder fired rockets at choppers, and having my in game character slash his knife at the enemy. I then have to change back to my original weapon as he continues to swing his blade. Why is this happening?

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Re: Knife Attacks When Firing

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I have this too. It is the most despicable of all glitches as it lowers my KDR. It should be fixed NOW
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Re: When I pull the trigger on any weapon (R1) in many situations my character slashes with his knife. Why?

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Just wondering if anyone that can fix it actually sees this.
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Re: Knife Attacks When Firing

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I too experience this issue. BF3 was a lot worse for me but it still happens in BF4. Super annoying. That and the rubber banding. I'm on xbox 360.
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Re: Knife Attacks When Firing

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Same deal here. Here it is post China Rising and a half dozen updates and this is still happening. I am playing on an xbox360 just had it happen three times in a row at close range. Just kills the game

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Re: Knife Attacks When Firing

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I have the same issue with the knife. I thought my controller wasn't working properly. >>>go to shoot, pulls out knife


Another issue is when you pull the trigger and a couple bullets come out, then the game decides to reload the clip.


My brother has the same issue on his game as well. Both of these glitches get you killed unfortunately.

(playing on Xbox One)

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