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[Issue/Main thread]Unidentified game problem

by Marklus14

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[Issue/Main thread]Unidentified game problem

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I bought BF4 premium. Played it just fine until today. Now this happens. Pleae help. I paid for something I can`t use.Untitled.png

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Re: [Issue/Main thread]Unidentified game problem

Here is the official fix:


Calling all Units - 

We've received reports that launching Battlefield Hardline on PC has encountered some issues related to the Origin client and Battlelog.
Today, we've released an Origin Beta client update that will resolve this issue.

To get this update:

  1. Launch and sign in to the Origin client.
  2. Select Application Settings from the Origin menu.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Application tab and find the Client update section.
  4. Toggle the switch to On next to Participate in Origin client betas.

You'll need to restart Origin, which will then download the Origin Beta Update, and can then launch Battlefield Hardline properly.

Thanks for your patience as we worked to resolve this issue and we'll see you on the battlefield!

The Battlefield Team



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Re: Unidentified game problem



Try to select "Activate Game" option and enter your code from the Game Properties via your origin Library( Right-click on the game icon and select Game properties). If that doesn't help, contact EA Customer Support:

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Re: Unidentified game problem

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It says "This code has already been redeemed".

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Re: Unidentified game problem

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I am also experiencing the same problem.

I've been playing BF 4 for years...but I always play using the BATTLELOG interface - I never open BF 4 from scratch in origin. I open BF 3 then using the drop down option at the top of the BATTLELOG screen, I switch over to BF4 . You still play BF 4 but IN BATTLEOG.

When I started origin today it auto-updated and created this problem!

Things I have tried :

restarting the game

restarting origin 

Playing the NATIVE BF 4 in origin NOT USING BATTELOG - This works and allows me to join servers etc but it isn't a real cure, just a workaround.


As with you Marklus14 I tried to re-register the game with the original prod. key and got the same reply - "This code has already been redeemed".


Alas, I fear that, without giving any notification, support for BF 4 via BATTLELOG has been terminated. :-(

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Re: Unidentified game problem

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Community Manager

Hey @methenyman  @Marklus14  @IIPrest0nII,
We are aware of the issue trying to start games using Battlelog and that you get an activation window coming up. The only workaround is starting Battlefield 4 using the origin launcher and not Battlelog. 
No eta on a fix but we are working on it. 


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Re: Unidentified game problem

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Same problem here man. I can play BF3 through Battlelog, but I get the same message when trying to play BF4 through Battlelog.....

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Re: Unidentified game problem

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I thought I am the only one who experience it today.

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Re: Unidentified game problem

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Same here, i got this problem and "ea online is overloaded at the moment please try again in a minute or two". 2h and still cant play

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Re: Unidentified game problem

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Hey /Atic - thanks for acknowledging the bug and (hopefully) your prompt attention! I just don't do BF4 from Origin. To many years of playing BF 3 via

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Re: Unidentified game problem

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when using the origin to open the game, it also sent me to battlelog website and the game not coming up

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