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Re: Unidentified game problem

by xXTiger163shotXx

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Re: Unidentified game problem

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could you specify where you found the "origin in game selection"?

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Re: Unidentified game problem

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in battlelog settings , on IE desactivate plugin free try launch you will fot offer to download plugin do it, install it, then launch from battelog , it work for me


origin ingame is in BF property in origin , uncheck it

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Re: Unidentified game problem

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Thanks for your reply.

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Re: Unidentified game problem

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Hi to all,

Since both call/chat options are blocked in EAsupport site, here's what I've got through EAtwitter assistance:
-Clearing Origin cache... Didn't solve the issue
-Repair the game... Didn't solve the issue
-Reinstall Origin... Didn't solve the issue

-Reinstall the game... Didn't solve the issue
-PC clean boot (flush DNS)... Didn't solve the issue
-Disable Origin in-game overlay... Didn't solve the issue

-Mark the free-plugin launch option... Didn't solve the issue
Up to here I think they do not know what the hell is happening and  why, so they reply with the standard troubleshouting answers

They asked me if Origin was closed or minimized whenever trying to launch the game from Battlelog...
(My reply: Origin logged in, minimized in tray, Windows7, Firefox)
Game and Battlelog working perfectly fine until 5 days ago

My last question before they stopped answering:
Is is possible to go back to the previous version of Origin so that I can block automatic udates and enjoy the game without the UI that occupies my CPU, keeps my GPU running at max levels and fills me with unwanted BFV advertising?

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Re: Unidentified game problem

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I have the same problem, but I doubt they will fix it.

Maybe it was intentional even.

I have tried everything in this thread but nothing worked.

No ETA for a fix almost certainly means no FIX.

It's like hearing maybe if you ask to borrow something.

Battlelog was part of the package we bought.

Now it's getting crippled. We didn't buy the game for 5 years, but forever.

The community is healthy and the games death is nowhere near.

At the very least give us a workaround.

EA is able to display me BFV advertising every time I start the launcher, so there is some effort somewhere, why no fix though?

It's one step in a never ending marathon of customer and fanbase attacking and destroying.

Part of what caused the failure of BFV and why everyone I ask says they hate EA.

We are lucky if they reply to this thread again and if nothing happens in the near future we should try to find an alternative fix.

Something that doesn't need EA to cooperate.


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Re: Unidentified game problem

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Uncheck the "Mark the free-plugin launch option" and use Internet Explorer. This works for a few I know that play so give it a try. It does not work with Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. As much as IE sux it has worked for this thankfully.

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Re: Unidentified game problem

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Please do something about it ... its been happening since the last origin update ...

my laptop is not that good so i lauch bf4 on 32bit not on 64bit ...

i can launch it only on 64bit directly from origin i cant launch it on 32bit bit .. to launch it on 32bit i need battlelog interface...

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Re: Unidentified game problem

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As I said before I cannot launch BF4 through the origin platform either. When I select the game from my library and click 'play' I get the usual ' do you want to allow this app to make changes...' I select yes and then it just directs me back to my origin library. Anyone else have this issue?


When this all kicked off I started playing my steam games again and now I'm playing battlefield 3 again. It's still fun and strangely enough there are a few populated servers to choose from.

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Re: Unidentified game problem

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according to EA using IE is the only way that seems to currently stop trying anything else because your just wasting your time...

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Re: Unidentified game problem

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When you say 'IE' you mean internet explorer?

I tried that and get the same issue as chrome.

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