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I can't play Battlefield 4 multiplayer for PC

by Arctain

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I can't play Battlefield 4 multiplayer for PC

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Everytime I try to play multiplayer for PC it will say "close and restart using task manager" and then once I do that it says the I was "Disconnected from EA Online [1]."  Please help someone, I paid seventy dollars for a game I can't even play for whatever reason, and if its to any relevance I do have to most up to date version besides Premium which in the EA help on page 53 it says I need it but that can't be right.  Anyways please help.

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Re: I can't play Battlefield 4 multiplayer for PC


Carbonic’s universal solution list:

You don't give a lot of information, so instead of guessing what you have done and tried I'm going to post this list of typical problems and things you can try, hope that helps a bit.


How to make a well made question:

  • Please write descriptive (also the subject line) so the right people find your question and knows what it contains
  • Tell if it has worked before, when it started not working and what did you do just before that!
  • Post relevant log files, screenshots, descriptions, dxdiag, exact error messages, and all other relevant information(like platform) – even if it’s stupid and obvious (there’s a lot of clueless people on the internet, we don’t know if you are one of them ;) )
  • Tell what you have tried in DETAIL and how you did it in DETAIL and what the results are, in DETAIL!

Check for current outages and bugs:

Common questions:

  • Banned? Read this: ( )
  • Veteran status? This is gained from playing other Battlefield games. Play4Free, Heroes and 1942 is free to download and play and each give a veteran rank. Other games can be registrered at If that doesn’t work contact EA support.
  • How to contact EA? Go to . Fill in keywords then product, category and platform. Press ‘Find Solutions’ –>; ‘I Still Need Help’. Contact options will appear. If live chat/phone does not appear, it might be closed in your area at the moment and you might consider changing it to: ‘United States’ or something else in the language selector in the bottom of the site.
  • Can’t access DLC/Premium? To find and handle your DLC right-click your game in Origin and click ‘show game details’ and scroll down to ‘expansions
  • Refund? You can do that under help –> history if you bought it within 24 hours ago, otherwise you will have to contact an EA Advisor at EA customer support.

Common mistakes:

  • Can’t find your game? Make sure you have bought BF4 and not just Premium. Make sure you are logged into the same account as the one you registered the game on.
  • EA doesn’t answer you? Answers HQ is a place where users help fellow users, not a place where you can expect EA to answer.

Things you should always try / make sure:

  • Make sure your computer meet all the game requirements ( )
  • Try restarting your computer and network equipment (routers, switches etc.)
  • Try another browser (Chrome/FireFox/(IE, although often the cause of errors))
  • Try repairing your game in Origin (right click > repair)
  • Try reloading your games in Origin by pressing “Reload My Games”
  • Check if Punkbuster is running correctly and update it manually ( )
  • Try setting bf3.exe and Origin as a trusted application in the windows(/other) firewall
  • Update ALL your drivers especially the graphics card but also components like soundcards, network card, motherboard/chipset, headset and mouse+keyboard, to the newest version, if the problem came with a new driver then remove that driver and downgrade to the driver that worked.
  • Try testing if the problem is still there if you perform a clean boot ( )


  • Try flushdns to flush your dns cache ( )
  • Make sure Origin doesn’t have connection issues ( )
  • Try cleaning your browsers’ cache and temporary files using CCleaner ( )
  • Try reinstalling Origin by manually uninstalling first ( ) + make sure it’s the newest version
  • If you have a Realtek soundcard try disabling it in the BIOS
  • Make sure your CPU/other is not overheating, check if all fans are running and record and post your temperatures here
  • Try deleting the BF4 Settings folder in C:/Users/USERNAME/My Documents/Battlefield 4
  • Possible connection problems? Try doing a UOtrace to EA’s servers to check for problems – – also do a and a and remember to post all the results.
  • DirectX error? Try reinstalling DirectX
  • Use Windows Eventviewer to look at the error in xml and copy/paste the solution here
  • Run Origin and Battlefield 4 as administrator ( )
  • Go to the cloud button on BF4 and uncheck the “enable cloud storage for all games” box. Launch the game, quit it and re-enable the cloud storage box. Make sure to use the local data when the information box popping up.
  • Network/Connection problems? Make sure you are the only one using the internet connection, especially make sure no torrent programs are running.
  • If you use Windows 8 in another language than language than English, try switching it to us-english, some have reported that fixed their problem.

Other Specific Questions:

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