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Game crashing

by nightstalker327

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Game crashing

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The game continues to crash randomly most often on Dawnbreaker map.  I have lost thousands of points, and countless weapoms upgrades due to this crash issue.  The issues get reported and yet nothing happens.  I am getting tired of paying so much money for a game that does not work, then putting time and effort into leveling up weapoms for the game to crash and you lose everything.  Dawnbreaker crashed on me 3 times tonight the last time I was on a 6 kill streak had unlocked more items for my 553 carbine and then lost it all due to the damn crash **bleep**.  This needs to be addressed I am about to take my business and go to a different game Call of Duty lost my business to Battlefield because they failed to fix or compensate for issues with their games.  Now looks as if Battlefield is headed to another lost customer as well.

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