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EvenBalance support?

by crispxl

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EvenBalance support?

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Thanks to Covid lockdowns, I recently went to reinstall BF4. My account had been hacked, and I required EA's assistance to resecure my account. 


When I tried to join a server, I was immediately kicked thanks to a PunkBuster Global GUID ban - clearly whoever gained access to my account has utilised some type of cheat. 


I contacted EA support, and was advised to create a ticket with EvenBalance support. I followed these directions, and have waited patiently for nearly two months, EvenBalance have not written a single word in response. Numerous tickets have now been created, all have been ignored. 


I've contacted EA support again, as a GUID ban affects every title I own that uses PunkBuster, making my decade-old account basically useless. Years worth of accumulated stats and hundreds of dollars worth of games, all gone! Sadly EA keep giving me the same cut and paste response, over and over. "Contact EvenBalance". (Even after I tell them I've been trying continually to contact EvenBalance for quite some time, they absolutely refuse to assist) 


EA KNOW the PunkBuster ban was incurred while my account was hacked, but having spoken with them now numerous times, they simply parrot the same advice over and over. Last night, one helpful representative, having read the history of my recent contact with EA, suggested I create yet another ticket with EvenBalance!! I patiently explained that I've created numerous tickets over the last two months and haven't heard anything whatsoever in reply, and his disgraceful response was "just give it one more try, this time it will work". The last four or five support people I've contacted have all suggested exactly the same thing!!! 


It's starting to become blatantly clear that EA won't accept any responsibility for EvenBalance's lack of reply, won't accept any responsibility for poor security measures that allowed my account to be backed, and are neither willing or apparently able to fix anything. It seems they are simply hopeful I'm going to repurchase hundreds of dollars worth of games and create a new account. 


I've spoken with quite a number of EA technicians now, and despite my patiently explaining the situation again and again, will only provide me the same canned response. I've asked if the matter can be escalated, and have been told "no". As if to try to kick sand in my face, the last couple of support people I spoke with simply ended the chat without resolution or explanation. Basically just hung up on me!! 


There's only a single contact option for EvenBalance, I've tried it again and again without luck. And judging from what I've read online about PunkBuster GUID bans, even if they were to respond, they'll simply say "sorry the ban stands, because we don't know if your account was hacked or not." EA know when the account was hacked, and know the PB ban happened during that time, but are refusing to accept any responsibility, nor have they offered to try to facilitate any resolution of the matter with EvenBalance. I just keep getting told the same thing. "Keep waiting, they'll reply eventually." 


I'd have thought 2 months should have been plenty of time for EvenBalance to respond, so I'm wondering what timeframe EA would consider reasonable to allow for this response? Should I just keep waiting for another 2 months? 


It's become extremely clear that EA simply don't care, and don't want to continue supporting a game that's years old. I emailed support again last night, and despite writing in extensive detail the issue I've been having yet again, was helpfully told "we can only help you if you contact us via chat or phone". I've contacted support via chat about 8 times now, and nobody has been able to assist beyond the usual "create a ticket with EvenBalance". 


Is this what EA has come to? Kicking the can down the road and blaming EvenBalance, a service THEY insisted on using, even though they seem to realise that EvenBalance aren't supporting a game that's five years old anymore? It's becoming ridiculous, I've wasted hours and hours in chat with EA support, only to be continually told "sorry we can't help". I've been a loyal customer for many years, having played battlefield since BF1942, I don't believe I'll be purchasing any further EA titles. Because really, what's the point if EA continually refuse to offer adequate support for their titles?

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