Emblems not showing in BF4

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Emblems not showing in BF4

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The problem has been going on since 2022. Sometimes the emblem appeared, but now it doesn’t appear at all. I tried to clear the cache, update punkbuster, install the emblem via BF Companion (and also install a random one, then deleting it), cleared DNS via CMD. But nothing helped. Is there even a way to fix this in 2023?

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Re: Emblems not showing in BF4

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ever since season THREE dropped i havent been able to unmute anyone or join parties. i am not banned or anything, it just wont let me unmute the lobbies or join friends or send friend requests. if i log into battle net everything works fine but i paid for the full game on steam and it just WONT work anymore. please help i want to be able to talk to my friends and team mates while i play the full game.                                                                                                                                              



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Re: Emblems not showing in BF4

@bqgx1gl1kd8k It would probably be better for you to create your own post for the issue you're experiencing.

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Re: Emblems not showing in BF4

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@ElliotLH Indeed, I thought someone wrote something useful when I saw this paste, but it's just an offtopic xd
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