Emblem not updating ingame

by k3nz0ry

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Emblem not updating ingame

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Hi, 6-7 years ago I uploaded an offensive emblem (swastika) , in bf1 or bf4 (i don't remember exactly), I only played bf4 the beta, and a bit of BF1 when it was released, 


Now I'm playing BF4 and the emblem is not updating ingame even if I change it in bf4 battlelog, or even if I activate platoon emblem, 


I raised a ticket and they only replied telling me to clear cache (not worked), and 2 posts explaining workarounds:





BF4 Companion app does not work anymore, and Origin tells me i don't own BF1 anymore ( when I enter it tells me to buy the game, and it does not show in my library neither)


I've been already banned from 3 servers because of the offensive symbol, please anyone could help me to solve this issue?


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Re: Emblem not updating ingame

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Even if the mobile app does not work, I still could acces companion through this URL:


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Re: Emblem not updating ingame

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Nope doesn't work even then, the app doesn't have any of your logos saved.

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