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Easy Sales

by AJHous44

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Easy Sales

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This is mainly towards EA. Maybe if we get enough "backers" or something this can become a reality. However, I feel that the majority of people on these forms don't care about this. Many people, including me, can't play games simply because they are stuck with the rating "M". As we saw in MAG (PS3 Online only, 256 players) if the game had a story mode, it would no doubt be M. IF battlefield 4 or even the next one (5) came out with an "Online Only" game and a "full game" that would boost sales more than you would expect. Lots of kids love the battlefield series but can only play at friends houses. Think of how many more sales you would get (EA) if they made an online only game to sell on the market. Because of no story mode, and no swearing online. ESRB rating would most likely be Phone therefore increasing sales (again). Games like MAG are just as graphic with knifing, shooting, swearing, but the thing is it's an online only game and ESRB can only do so much. Please consider this EA as it will boost sales, increase players, and allow more people to enjoy what you put a lot of your time into. Thanks!

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Re: Easy Sales

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Thanks for your feedback.

As Answer HQ is mostly focused on technical support, I recommend you also join a discussion or create a new thread
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