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ESN Launch Mozilla Plugin may be busy

by TinyMarvelous

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ESN Launch Mozilla Plugin may be busy

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For f**k sake I am so pissed right now. Get your act together ppl because I plus a lot of others are sick and tired of the constant freezes, crashes and plugin bugs. I had a perfect match with a perfect vantage point atop a skyscraper. This was only accessable through helicopter you you ppl at DICE messed it up for me. I LOST EVERYTHING!


I am trying to keep this post polite out of respect to the quidelines but I'm ready to explode with anger. I bought the game and the Premium addition for what... a lot of headache and boiling emotions.

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Re: ESN Launch Mozilla Plugin may be busy

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Right... fifth or sixth freeze up today and all but one had the following Mozilla plugin crash. Four days has passed since release and still no info when this will be fixed.

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