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EA needs to fix their non-stop crashing BF4 Servers!

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As thoroughly documented and technically confirmed, the recent and repeatedly server crashes and "lost connection to BF4 game server" are NOT due to the server providers or the internet connection or setup of the end-users playing the game.  It is due to do EA's own backend infrastructure!


And EA needs to take appropriate action to get this fixed asap, as we are daily bleeding players from the EA BF environment due to EA's inaction to rectify the problem.


Here a list of the recent server crashes that I personally have registered.  Of course not online myself 24/7, so obviously even more are most probably happening.  But this should give insights to how deplorable poor the EA BF4 Server situation is right now. 

(Yes, I already raised multiple support tickets with EA HelpDesk on this.  But nothing is so far done to fix the root cause of the problem.  This despite we have paid good money to EA to rent these servers and players gets the bad experience every single time the server crashes.)


Server: "METRO MANIACS 24/7 400% 3200 TICKETS"

Console: PlayStation PS4/PS5

Game: BF4


Recent Confirmed Server Crashes:


Server Crashes Confirmed on Friday 10 February 2023:

Crash 20:28 CET

Crash 20:50 CET

Crash 21:10 CET

Crash 21:33 CET

Crash 21:57 CET

Crash 22:32 CET

Crash 22:57 CET


Server Crashes Confirmed on Sunday 26 February 2023:

Crash 01:16 CET

Crash 01:23 CET

Crash 01:27 CET

Crash 11:12 CET

Crash 18:56 CET

Crash 19:07 CET

Crash 20:44 CET

Crash 20:56 CET


Server Crashes Confirmed on Monday 27 February 2023:

Crash 16:10 CET

Crash 21:34 CET


Server Crashes Confirmed on Tuesday 28 February 2023:

Crash 14:11 CET

Crash 16:44 CET


Server Crashes Confirmed on Wednesday 1 March 2023:

Crash 10:45 CET

Crash 15:10 CET

Crash 18:58 CET


Server Crashes Confirmed on Thursday 2 March 2023:

Logged on at 10:18 CET. server was in frozen state.  Rebooted it.

Server kept crashing minimum 2 times for every hour I was online until 16:30 CET.  Rendering it practically unplayable...


Server Crashes Confirmed on Friday 3 March 2023:

Logged on at 11:43 CET. server was in frozen state.  Rebooted it.

Server kept crashing minimum 2 times for every hour I was online until 18:52 CET.  Rendering it practically unplayable...



I welcome other server renters to chip in and add their own observed server crashes here below, so we can start to have some transparency on this apparent and widespread problem.  I will then keep updating my own post here, as the crashes will keep happening until EA fixes the problem behind them.


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Re: EA needs to fix their non-stop crashing BF4 Servers!

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I've also been experiencing the same problem for MONTHS! but lately it's been really getting out of hand!

Crashes as many as 5, 6 a day!

I been renting BF4 servers for close to 9 years but Hardcore Nation Metro will be our sixth year anniversary on the 9th of March!

Sad to have such a tragic end to a wonderful game ever created by EA!



Server: Hardcore Nation Metro

Console: PS4

Game: BF4

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Re: EA needs to fix their non-stop crashing BF4 Servers!

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I have been following your post daily CyberDyme and I’m absolutely beyond the point of being disappointed with Ea Sports and the rumors I hear on a daily that they’re deliberately causing these issues we face everyday as players and server owners. My online gaming history is much different then most as I just started playing online 8 months ago. Single player is all I ever played and I tried BF4 online and ever since bf4 is all I play. Most people have their friends they visit on a daily and talk to and I have my fellow comrades. Metro Hardcore is why I fell in love with this game and it will always be my “first love”. I’ve owned my server for roughly 6 months and I help run Hardcore Variations. Over the last month I non stop lose connection to the server, multiple times per day and it’s getting to the point I can’t even finish a game. I hear it’s because of world events that are taking place and they’re professional hackers. I also hear it’s other gamers we play with that crash these servers but the most disturbing rumor that keeps circling community is that we may be continue to be targeted by our own creator, that being EA Sports. They do have motive for one because of the flop release of 2042 and lack of interest I would imagine that drove down financials and caused a lot of issues, and probably due to shareholders demand to fix this flop. I wouldn’t put it past any big corporation to use its power to manipulate its customers to get what it needs and wants and that being all of us to move to 2042. I’ve emailed and tried to call and chat with  numerous people that are associated with EA sport to try to express the concerns and issues we’re having and it’s impossible to get a response from anybody addressing the issues that we post here, twitter etc. They have even hijacked the opening credits of battlefield four by making you look at the advertisement for the new season of 2042 they continuously just keep trying to force it upon us. If EA sports isn’t behind us, then they need to start dialogue with us, server owners and players, and explain what they are going to do to fix this and combat these attacks. The lack of acknowledgment to these posts here and everywhere else makes them look guilty. EA sports and the little guy that reads this on the other side. You have a duty to represent your customers because without us you are nothing. I’m asking from man to man or man to woman whoever may be reading this to do the right thing and get these concerns in front of somebody who will least acknowledge them, so we know that we’re at least being heard. Every day I lose hope and respect for EA sports that I’ve always had since being a kid. You have a commitment to us and I respectively ask you to acknowledge our issues with the servers crashing and either put a team together to fix it, or admit that you were doing it and just shut them down for good


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Re: EA needs to fix their non-stop crashing BF4 Servers!

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EA wants us to buy BF2042,


Servers crashing every 30 mins. The game is unplayable on PS4.


Got 4 crashes on 3 different servers in only 30 mins


EA has to fix this problem asap.




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Re: EA needs to fix their non-stop crashing BF4 Servers!

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When I'm done with BF4, I'll be done with EA all together, I've been buying EA games for 20 years, and if this is their way they're treating their costumers, I'm done.

Not our fault if they chose to go woke on 2042, glad they were so interested in pleasing the 0.01% in our game community and chase away the rest, not our fault.

If I wanted to play COD I would of bought it years ago, They must not stand watching a 10 yrs old game doing better then their newest game, lol

very sad ending to such a wonderful creation. I'd hate to believe EA is the cause of the crashing, but if it is, then there goes their excuse that they don't support servers anymore and don't have access to them.

There's hardly any more Hardcore Servers left, they're achieving their goal, I'll probably be next, gone forever.

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Re: EA needs to fix their non-stop crashing BF4 Servers!

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@CyberDyme It's been happening for months and It's now beyond ridiculous! As ever, happy to take your cash but not so eager to solve our justifiable issues. That's how EA appear to roll.
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Metro ddos ps4/5

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EA!!!! what are you doing?? the entire month of february all servers have stopped and crashed 24/7. these are not what I pay to rent a server for. I hope you fix this as soon as possible, this applies to Operation Metro VIP. we are a group trying to revive metro because there are no other servers on playstation to play on. we wish Ea fixes this and it affects all players and bf4 users will be less and less if it is still crashing. Then players leave and go to bf42.




The game needs to be upgraded….. ddos ​​attacks will continue for a long time if EA does not address this and fix the problem

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Re: EA needs to fix their non-stop crashing BF4 Servers!

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We  have the same issue and started a petition here: 

DICE has acknowledge the problem and forwarded it internally, let's hope they decide to address it.

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Re: Malice or Not? BF4 Servers Need to be Reset or Serviced!

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Same problem with our servers.


We started a petition here: 


DICE has acknowledged the problem and forwarded it internally, let's hope they decide to address it.

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Re: BF4 servers currently under DDOS attack! Crashing/freezing/dumping players

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@GODSGRAV3 @CyberDyme @DavlosREE  

Good morning Gents, 


I am experiencing the same issue except I am able to maintain 42/64 with (4) in the queue. However, I noticed that my primary server screen is stuck which concludes the durango-Monkey.Sparta

The server is not either aware or does not care about the underlying issue. My second server is fine with no problems to be owd if you ask me. I have tried everything I could think of including speaking to EA on the chat but nothing on their part is being done.  I have attached some pictures for you to see. I have had this server for almost 2 years going strong and never had this issue in the past.  My buddies in Germany and Brazil have a high latency that goes beyond triple digits at times. 

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