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Re: Cannot join most servers

by kozlicekx

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Cannot join most servers

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Game out for 2 months now and I cannot join 90% of servers 
Its always "client closed down connection" or "couldn't join server" 

Had no problems playing BF3 

Tried install repair, updated PB, all drivers, game plugin, everything possible

Never seen worse game launch

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Re: Cannot join most servers

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Any ideas what to do?

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Re: Cannot join most servers

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Ok so today I tried to get into a few games and could not on XB1... 
So I started messing around on the Battlelog on the computer. 
I Started joining games via the battlelog and was able to play several games without any issues... 
So guys try selecting servers via battlelog and see if you can play without issues.. 

Dice... I have an Idea... turn off the connection between the battlelog joining servers remotely. I do not mean the stat tracking.. just the server browsing and joining.. I do not need to nor do a want to need to be on a PC to join a game on my XB1..

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Re: Cannot join most servers

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Same problem happening on ps3. I just got the game 2 days ago and only played it once. I can't join any server. EA please fix!

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