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Can't connect to server. BF4 PC

by MaximeRector

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Can't connect to server. BF4 PC

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If I try to connect to bf4 serever i always get the error: Game disconnected: could not join server.

What can i do to connect to a server.

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Re: Can't connect to server. BF4 PC

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me to lol


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Re: Can't connect to server. BF4 PC

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I cannot log into BF 4 . I WAS logged in and could not join a I closed BF4 and reopened it. I was on the log in page, clicked the log in, and I keep getting the message that "there was a problem connecting to the EA server, try again later" .  However, I AM logged in to these forums.  My husband is in and playing and I cannot log in or join. It was working fine yesterday. What is going on??


Any answer or help would be appreciated! 

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Re: Can't connect to server. BF4 PC

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I have the same problem - that seem that EA has any cleaning times right now so nobody can login.

We have to wait and praise the sun.

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Re: Can't connect to server. BF4 PC

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Don't know how well this will help anyone and this might really suck and annoy, but this maybe the solution. We all know that the Origins tech service with the windu, hindu people are. "dank yoo, now hab yoo tried turning it oon and of again" we all know that is a load of *. They sent me 3 messages through email on how to fix the same problem "ERROR: you have been disconnected from the service, please check your internet or try again later" knowing that if you do that, it still wont work. well, without further eduew, screw it idk how to spell that lol:



First you need to go where Origins was originally download whether it be in main hardrive or other installed hardrive.

right click on the app and go to properties.

you need to not only in compatibility mode change the compatibility to run in windows 7, but also as administrator.

so check the box to run as administrator and then check box to run compatibility for windows 7 instead of 8, because origin doesn't have a patch for 10 yet, that's why.

Lastly, guys, trust me when i say this because its so unbelievable but roll with it give it a go cause this also might be the problem, because all 3 of these were for me and i got BF4 to work again. replace your WiFi(whatever it is that you use) mine is a WiFi adapter, it burnt out so would allow me to watch Netflix without pause, seems like internet is working right? wrong, it died for split seconds and then would spark to life, very unnoticeable. so if you got to, do all 3 and you may yet again see the sun glare into your eyes as missiles fly, your enemies fall and your team pressed forward to victory, good luck and may EA and Origins fates end so someone else can takeover and do what they failed to do and help the people that bought they're game.


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