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Can't Join servers BF4 Beta on PC

by izaros

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Can't Join servers BF4 Beta on PC

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i wonder if anyone can help me.
I have been playing the beta for BF4 fine since it released on October 1st, but the other day it said in origin it had to update and after then im no longer able to join a game.
I double click on BF4 exclusive Beta in origin then battlelog opens as usual but when i press join server it just sticks on Joining Server and nothing happens, usually within a few seconds it opens up and loads but now theres just nothing.

I have the latest beta drivers for my GPU (GTX690) and i havent really tried downgrading to a stable version but i shall try now.
If anyone is able to help then please let us know.


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Re: Can't Join servers BF4 Beta on PC




I would try if i were you delete cookies in my browser as well change browser to Fire Fox or Explorer, reboot router and pcStandard smile If that not helps You can try repair install: go to Origin client and on bf4 beta poster click right mouse button and press repair if there will be some missing files Origin client going to download it and repair your install:smileyhappy:


Regards, Libever




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Re: Can't Join servers BF4 Beta on PC

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Believe it or not i have already tried almost everything what you said. I tried it on Opera, Comodo Dragon, IE and Chrome. I havent actually tried clearing cookies though as of yet. Ill do that now and see if there is any difference.
I repair installed about 3 times already with no issues reported, the only thing i can put it down to is just the simple fact that battlelog and origin just arent connecting to each other atm.
Thanks for showing an interest, its much appreciated.


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Re: Can't Join servers BF4 Beta on PC

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I also need help, I literly just got the beta and I cant even join servers, PLEASE HELP ME

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Re: Can't Join servers BF4 Beta on PC

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cant join servers at all.. game client just doesnt open.  

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Re: Can't Join servers BF4 Beta on PC

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I had this same problem on day 1. I would join a server but the blue bar at the bottom will show me as perpetually "joining" the server and the game would never actually load. Here's how I managed to fix it. Go to where your web plugin is installed (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Battlelog Web Plugins) and uninstall (click uninstall.exe). Then delete all the contents of the folder including the "Sonar" folder. When you boot up battlelog in the browser, it should prompt you to reinstall the web plugins. Do that and then try joining a server. Just as a precaution you might want to enable the run as administrator option for the bf4.exe.


good luck!

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Re: Can't Join servers BF4 Beta on PC

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Deleting the Battlelog plug ins and reinstalling fixed this issue for me. 

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