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Bf4 Commander mode

by HairyEagle

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Re: Bf4 Commander mode

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I own 360 and pre ordered the game and spent money on Premium. I got really excited thinking I could play commander on my PC, because that is what the commercial on your official site made it sound like. I am married with children and I am not able to take up the television 24 hours a day from the family. You guys "almost" impressed me and made my day, I am looking forward to the ISO app but I can only look at that small screen for so long.

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bf4: commander mode

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How and where do I download it?
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Re: Bf4 Commander mode

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I, too, would also love to be able to play Commander mode from my Touchscreen Laptop (Running Windows8.1) instead of playing it on my PS3, that is being used by other people in the household.

I'll definitely be using the mini-map on my laptop when I get my PS4, but please make Commander mode work alongside my PS3 and PS4 from Battlelog!!

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Re: Bf4 Commander mode

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What chould I search for to find the commander app?
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Re: Bf4 Commander mode

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Why is everyone in this thread so goddamn stupid?


"I paid good money for commander why can't it be cross-platform?" Because you only paid enough money for the SINGLE COPY, not 3 copies.


"Why can't I play commander on PS3 when I paid for PS3?" You can, you clearly just aren't reading any of the posts related to commander... ANYWHERE.


"This is stupid, it should be cross-platform, DICE are lazy/incompetant/stupid" You're stupid, you have no idea how technology works, and you should probably go back to a high school computing class.

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Two players

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If my friend is playing in ps4, can I join the same server (using the app) as a commander

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Re: Bf4 Commander mode

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I am having trouble with commander mode for ps4. After I do a single commander action on the system I get kicked to the psn menu.
Also, with the app whenever I try to go into a game it says ERR_GENERIC Soccer ball. I tried all the "typical" trouble shooting such as logging out/logging back in, restarting the iPad, and re installing and I still have the same problems. Any help would be great.
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Re: Bf4 Commander mode

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Download the app called "battlefield tablet commander" go to the app store (iOS) and just type battlelog.
It will show both the battlelog app and the commander app.

You can browse a server from the battlelog and hit join as commander, that will open the commander app (if instaleld)
Also of The commander app is not installed, the join as commander button is white, if the app is installed and working it shows as orange.

So dowlnload battlefield tablet commander, open it, and sign in. ;-)
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Re: Bf4 Commander mode

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i guess its only fun for pc users who can use a laptop to play as commander....

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Re: Bf4 Commander mode

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Obviously you arethe stupid one here...

People are asking why you can't use commander mode on PC for Xbox account, but you can with the app. Essentially the app is cross platform, but why not let battle log website do the same thing as the app? They don't want to use there 360 accoun and play commander on ps3, retard. Stop acting like a tough guy and learn to read.
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