Battlelog will not recognize BF4 is installed

by LulzorGG

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Battlelog will not recognize BF4 is installed

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I posted about this in someone elses thread here:


When logging into the battle log and attempting to launch the game via the server browser (which honestly should be in game) entirely refuses to recognize the install.


Here is a screenshot of what I mean:



As you can see in the screenshot Origin is open and it says that BF4 is 100% complete at the bottom. Battlelog says, in the upper left, "Game not found, install."


When I click Install it makes origin flash but does absolutely nothing. "Waiting for you to finish installing" will sit there for about 5 minutes before it returns to "Game not found. [install] ".


To trouble shoot this I have attempted to delete one small file from the BF4 directory and then telling Battlelog to install followed by rechecking the game files.

This did nothing.


I have installed all updates for my GPU and for Windows. It did nothing.


I have restarted both origin, my computer and firefox multiple times. It has done nothing.


I've sat waiting for customer support for 30 minutes with an estimated wait time of 5. It's been no help.


The known issues have been no help. The forums have been no help so far.


What do I do?


If it's not fixable currently I will be uninstalling BF4 +origin and going straight back to steam who, thankfully, doesn't need to phone home every 5 minutes.


Peerblock absolutely hates you. Thanks, EA.

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Re: Battlelog will not recognize BF4 is installed

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I had the same issue, game is installed but battlelog will not recognise the install. 


Anyone has a clue what the problem (and solution :D) might be?


I sure hope its only a betabug and that someone from EA can confirm this bug, or even better, solve it :]





mightve found the problem. The internetcafe im in is running 32bit win7, i assumed it was 64bit. 

I would still like a response wether that is causing this specific problem, if people could provide that here. Thanks!

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