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Battlelog Is not repsoding

by lebutcherboy

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Battlelog Is not repsoding

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My Battlelog isnt responding. Whhat ever i click om, whether it be server browser, Join now, forum etc etc. It just doesnt respond. It tells me that its loading but doesnt do anything. Ive played 38 hours up untill it stopped working. My laptop supports it fine, my graphics card drivers are up to date and im running up to date versions of both teh game and windows and ive unistalled the game and then re installed it. 


What on earth can i do to fix this? PLEASE SOMEONE HELP.................

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Re: Battlelog Is not repsoding


Hey, just try this and let me know if it fixes it for you:


- Make sure you download and install the latest Battlelog plugins.
First uninstall old Battlelog plugin by going to "Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features" and removing "battlelog web plugin".
Then log in using Origin and go to battlelog page where you'll be prompted to download latest web plugin.
After you have installed it you should clear your cache, exit your browser. Then restart your browser, and then re-login to Origin to ensure proper install.
If this doesn't work then you should try a different browser (Chrome/Maxthon/Firefox, etc)


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Re: Battlelog Is not repsoding

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I manage to uninstall the battlelog plug in, but when i come to down load the plug when i relogged into battlelog and tried to download it again (my clicking on teh orange arrow) It brings up the bar at the bottom left of the Screen saying 'Downoad plug in' and also it tells me if it doesnt appear to click here to downlaod here. And it never appears and i have tried over 10 time. I then went into my download folder to see if i could down load it there but it hets as far as bringing up the install wizard and then it just dissapears.


No matter ho wmany times ive tried to download it, Battlelog keeps tellling me to downlaod it aagain....

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