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Battlefield 4 freezing Xbox 360

by dvbman14

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Battlefield 4 freezing Xbox 360

★★ Newbie
I would like to know why 6 out of 10 times when I join a match on Hainan Resort my Xbox freezes and 5 out of 10 times on Dawnbreaker the same thing happens?
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Re: Battlefield 4 freezing Xbox 360

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Same here but its even worse on dawnbreaker.... Dice really has to start working on the console issues quick... its great to iron out the pc but cmon.... we need some support too
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Re: Battlefield 4 freezing Xbox 360

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I'm also having the same problem only mine freezes no matter what the map, when I'm loading, what class I'm loading as or what type of game play.  It just freezes.  I also have two xboxs and it's doing it on both.  I'm super upset, pre-ordered it, paid all that money, and I can't play it for longer than 20 minutes! :womansad:

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