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Battlefield 4 campaign keeps getting reset (on ps4)

by getstoned247

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Battlefield 4 campaign keeps getting reset (on ps4)

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This has happened to me 2 times now. It first happened when I was just finishing a mission and it was going to cut to another one. Once it was about to cut to the next mission it glitched out and I had to send an error report. Once as I started the game back up I started the campaign and it put me at the beginning of the mission that I just did. That pissed me off but then the game glitched again and I had to send another error report. But only this time when I went to start the game it was saying that my files were corrupted and needed to be overwritten. That made me have have to start all over which really pissed me off. The next day I started the game again cuz I thought it was maybe because they were doing maintenance that day and that they said that people might experience problems. I got just as far as I did before and even further into the game and decided I'd take a break from the campaign before I beat it. So I was playing multiplayer for it and cod these past couple days. But just tonight I thought since i was bored I'd start it up. I started it up and what did I find? Of course when I click on campaign it says start new campaign. This is ridiculous and I ain't even gonna touch that campaign until this nonsense is solved.
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